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Ever run a 5K?

This blog post will be my thoughts and feelings on The CrossFit Open. Yes, it’s finally over. Five weeks of workouts. All awful. Each workout bringing you one step closer to knowing how much more elite, the CrossFit Games Athletes are, and how to reach that level…it will take a lot more work. 413 more words

4/15/14 Back Squat Day

Don’t worry – I didn’t go nuts or PR or anything. I just went to get in some volume and practice. I worked up to 70% of my max to… 105 more words


CrossFit Games Update: April 15, 2014

Rule changes that impact team competition in 2014. #CrossFitGames http://t.co/sC6WkERIYO
The CrossFit Games (@CrossFitGames) April 16, 2014

Crossfit Games

How Jeremy Kinnick went from 218th(2013) to 40th in the #CrossFitGames Open

“From late July until mid January, I really focused on getting stronger through powerlifting. I would powerlift 3 times a week, hit workouts only 3 times a week, Olympic lift twice a week, and work on gymnastic movements twice a week.

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Crossfit Games

Get It Poppin'

15 April 2014

Prescribed.  We all want to do as the CrossFit “Doctor” orders. However, what’s more important than an Rx’d WOD, is a WOD performed with good form at your highest level of intensity. 155 more words


We like to party + a healthy margarita

This past weekend we had a party to celebrate both teams from the same box qualifying for the Mid-Atlantic regionals! ( side note: I hate saying box–gym sounds more fresh and doesn’t make me feel like such a poser) The… 329 more words