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Day 53: A Whole Lot of Math Adding up My Juggles. Plus, September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

On my last official day of Juggling for Jude, I got 461 juggles in a row–a new record.  Then, I had a fun soccer tournament over the weekend.   186 more words

CFSR WOD 8.28.2014


Strength – Overhead Squats (off bottom chart)

5@ 40%





Max Reps @85%

Conditioning – 4 Rounds for Time

15 Toes to Bar… 21 more words

CFSR WOD 8.27.2014

 LABOR DAY – 1 WOD  9:30AM


Strength – 10 Min EMOM  – 65% of 1RM


Power Clean

Hang Power Clean


Conditioning – 12 Min AMRAP… 22 more words

NEW RECORD! 342 Consecutive Juggles Today! I'm Coming for you, 400! I've Got an Army of Kids at St. Jude Fighting with Me!

I got a new record today of 342 juggles!  Yesterday I got 259.  With my goal being 400 by the end of my Juggling for Jude fundraiser, I have work to do this week, and today’s record makes me feel excited!   157 more words

Days 45 and 46: 132 and 133 Juggles. Plus Why I'm Holding a Sign that Says $33!

It takes 2 million dollars a day to run St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. That is a lot of money!  It’s amazing but true that most of that money comes from people like you and me who donate to St. 203 more words

CFSR WOD 8.23.2014

CFSR NIGHT OUT IS TONIGHT – 7:30pm McGahs in Danville


Warm Up – Burgener Warm Up

Strength – Snatch Technique to Load – 1RM… 15 more words

CFSR WOD 8.22.2014


Warm Up – 3 Rounds

8 Goblet Squats

50 Ft Bear Crawls

Strength – Back Squat

5@ 40%





Max Rep @ 90% 44 more words