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15 min amarp

6 power cleans 95/135 55

12 ring dips red band

18 box jumps blue box

25 dubs or 75 singles singles


and then 800 m run 4:42



Report from 2014 first half

It has been a while since last post. Time as a husband, father, technical architect and a crossfitter is limited and sometimes i feel that days should have 28 hours to get all done. 518 more words


Starting paleo again, challenge , on blood thinners so most veggies are a no no. via /r/Paleo

So I had a stroke two years ago, on my 29th birthday. Specifically a SVT stroke , they never found out why. Main problem for me is, I’d went from 400lb to 240 in a little over a year and had gotten into great shape before the stroke. 180 more words


A new subreddit that (I think) complements the healthy mindset found here via /r/Paleo

Hey everyone,

So last week I created the subreddit /r/livelife. It is about living life to the fullest by living a healthy and natural life – adventure and exploration, seeing and experiencing new things, being healthy and exercising, mindfulness, and self improvement. 239 more words


How can I put on weight on a paleo diet? via /r/Paleo

I’ve been on a pseudo-paleo diet for over 6 months to treat acne. I’ll eat small amounts of oatmeal and other low-glycemic carbs from time to time. 49 more words


Crossfit Gave Me Nothing.

I used to be the most outspoken advocate for Crossfit.  OK, probably not the MOST but, I wanted everyone to know about it.  I told friends, family, and strangers at any chance I had.   1,819 more words


2014 CrossFit Games Recap

Froning, Fraser, Khalipa. If you missed my podium predictions, I somehow got this one spot on. Was it luck? Probably, but still pretty cool regardless. 613 more words