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CrossFit Fuel

I’ve been going to CF again and this time around things are so much different.  The classes are small and our coach gives us so much personal attention.  318 more words


My long journey to peace

I saw the movie Wild this weekend. The movie chronicles Cheryl Strayed’s journey hiking the Pacific Crest Trail alone. The movie uses flashbacks to tell the story of events leading to Cheryl’s decision to embark on this journey, including the death of her mother, which set her on a path to self destruction. 785 more words


Pistol Squat Progressions: From Beginner to Full Movement

The pistol squat is a highly challenging bodyweight movement common to CrossFit workouts. This exercise not only requires strength, but balance and a high amount of body awareness. 251 more words

Lower Body

[Fossil record suggests bone density decreased when humans quit hunting and gathering](http://ift.tt/1wXf9mZ) via /r/Paleo

Cool little article suggests that some aspects of the “paleo” lifestyle have real, demonstrable benefits. Could even help prevent osteoporosis.

Sorry, formatting sucked. HEre is the link. 17 more words


What do you dip in your egg yolk? via /r/Paleo

I love eggs. I love runny eggs. Poached. Fried. Boiled. One of the things I miss most is mopping up egg yolk with a chunk of toast. 29 more words


I keep trying to go back on paleo but get too nauseous to start! via /r/Paleo

I’ve done paleo successfully for a couple months, but always found it hard to stick with regarding my hectic lifestyle. I’m changing jobs and will have a more regular schedule, but every time I even have one paleo meal (today it was pulled pork with steamed broccoli) I find myself feeling nauseous right away (I never throw up, it’s the same nausea I get with birth control, where I feel sick until I eat something, usually crappy). 168 more words


Working on Weaknesses to Make Them Strengths

Happy Monday y’all!

Today was all about working on my weaknesses. Hang snatches & overhead squats are two of my biggest weaknesses.

I had to find my… 351 more words