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Tuesday 22nd April


Back Squat
Find your 1rm (20min)


2km run


3min amrap
Power cleans 80/55
once 2km is completed go straight into the amrap of cleans

Daily WOD

Easter: a time for new life and transformation

This has been an egg-stremely busy week for me (sorry).  I was kind of dreading the holidays because with my husband gone it could have been a very sad and lonely time for me but I made sure that I kept myself really busy and it has been loads of fun.   1,084 more words

My first CrossFit experience

It’s good to look back and reflect. To see where you started, take stock of where you are, see how far you’ve come. I was recently asked to think back on my first CrossFit class. 680 more words

Health & Fitness

Review: CrossFit Twente. Holland

When the owner of a gym looks around himself with pride, and says that he’s standing there as a result of a hobby that got out of control, you can be sure of a few things – he’s going to be a passionate coach, the gym will have a good vibe, and he’ll do all he can for his athletes. 736 more words


Wanting to try Paleo for the first time.. need good tips. via /r/Paleo

I’ve never really been on a decent diet in my life. ive just tried to cut calories on whatever i’m eating until the point where i actually starve myself and then i turn around and eat shitloads of crap for a given time gaining all my lost weight back, if not more… So now i’ve done some research and paleo seems like a great diet for me, as it seems easy enough and gives room for me to learn a lot of cooking recipes. 44 more words


Jesus WOD...More Faith than Workout!

This post contains a mix of my workout and my faith…just giving you that warning…

Tonight I completed the Jesus WOD.  It was not easy, it was not fun…  I also did not do it simply because I CrossFit and I am a Christian.   649 more words


Week 2: April 21,2015 Don't Forget To Post Result!


A) Segmented Snatch + 2 Full

@65% 4X5

(Pause 2 Seconds at each position)

B1) Back Squats 5X3-5 @80%

B2) 100% 6 Second Sprint… 140 more words