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A Short Introduction

Anyone that knows me knows I’m not much for words nor talking about myself.  However at the persistence of friends and coaches I have decided to post about my fun, awkward and eventful journey from a college level swimmer, to party girl, to coach potato, to swim coach before finding Crossfit and transforming into a runner.  1,538 more words


Homemade Hard Cider? via /r/Paleo

I tried searching this sub, but am not really finding too many results!

I’ve started looking into making my own hard cider, instead of spending a fortune on quality store-bought ciders or filling myself with ones that contain nasty additives. 69 more words


New t-shirt design

Want one? – http://www.cafepress.com/cp/customize/product2.aspx?number=1417432126


how to cook with asian flavors? via /r/Paleo

I picked up some bok choy, daikon, and chicken. i want to do a stir fry. garlic. ginger. sriracha. all good.
but what do you guys do for the soy type flavor? 35 more words


Help getting back on track via /r/Paleo

Hello /r/Paleo I need some help getting back on track, here is my story. I went Paleo over a year ago with great results, I started at 250lb made the switch, joined a great BJJ academy dropped a good amount of weight in the first few weeks. 436 more words


"Eat as much as you want diet" - T-Nation article references Mat Lalonde's work on nutrient density, placing value on food quality over calorie counting. via /r/Paleo

tl;dr: Balancing your diet with real, nutrient-dense food sources can help your body regulate hunger and help with fat-loss goals as well as general health. The opening paragraph(s) are a little sensational (consider the source), but the content is worth the read. 16 more words


WOD - Friday 24 October 2014


15 mins to build to a heavy Clean & Jerk


Complete as many sets of the interval until 30 reps are completed:

1 min Ground to Overhead 60/40kg… 63 more words