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Testing a new theme

The old theme did not behave well so now testing a new theme but still with a minimal responsive one. Lets see if this works. 11 more words


Hilarious and Engaging Le Fear II: Le Sequel Marred By Antiblackness

Have you ever gotten an email from a “Nigerian prince” promising to reward you with a load of cash if you’ll just be so kind as to front him the few hundreds of bucks he needs to get access to his vast fortune?  587 more words


Dangerous Conditions at Franklin County Corrections Center, Columbus, OH | Cop Block

This is how you run a jail. Dogs in the humane society didn’t attack or steal from other people, they should have better conditions. Reference: … 15 more words

Paganism without faith

“I wished I could believe like that. It must be so comforting…” There are all kinds of Pagans. I hang out with a lot of humanists and skeptics, and fewer mystics and believers, so I hear the above phrase a lot. 31 more words