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Cannonball Read #7: The Suffragette Scandal by Courtney Milan

Courtney Milan has done it again, and this may actually be my favorite book yet by her. Plenty of romance novels have funny moments, but it’s rare that I actually have to set a book down because I’m laughing so hard there are tears streaming down my face. 770 more words


Not doing the work (yet)

The abs class fitness instructor at the gym likes to remind us that in order to get a strong core, eventually you have to do crunches. 46 more words



Chicks On The Right has the misfortune of being fooled by leftists more clever than their staff, being too emotional about being called on it to actually read what they’re supporting, and having such a fragile ego that they delete any reference to their error. 59 more words

Maloney Calls for Investigation Into Threats From Pro-Gun Leader Larry Pratt - Hill Blotter

Here on the Danneskjold we love Larry Pratt. And pretty much for every reason domestic enemies like Maloney hate him. Reference: http://ift.tt/1tj4PSt Follow me on Facebook at http://ift.tt/1dq0nLr

Obama tells Netanyahu 'deeply concerned' over Gaza

Obungle reserves his ‘grave concern’ for Israel’s acts. He doesn’t care what acts of terror are committed by his anti-western friends in Hamas.

We should be sending Israel two free bombs for every one they drop. 17 more words