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Ed Snowden, Russian TV star, hands Putin a propaganda coup

More like, United States government, while raping the rights of all its citizens, hands Russia propaganda coup.

Remember the time when you could sit back and say with certainty and conviction, “We are far better than the Russians.”? 86 more words

Harry Reid: "What happened there was domestic terrorism”

I keep finding myself agreeing with leftist scum like Harry Reid.

Indeed Harry, sending in a 200 person, machine-gun wielding army against a man and his family who simply persist in doing what they’ve always done in total disregard to Washington bureaucrats IS domestic terrorism. 24 more words

Giffords: Fight back against political cowardice

In fairness to politicians, it could be physical cowardice and the desire to avoid the known consequences of a gun ban in the US. That is, many persons have simply decided to use their guns rather than turn them over, register them or otherwise accept restrictions on them. 20 more words

Townhall Magazine - The “Assault Weapon” Rebellion

If the government passes a law and no one cares to follow or enforce it, does the government exist at all? Reference: http://ift.tt/1kHwWug Follow me on Facebook at http://ift.tt/1dq0nLr

S/V Danneskjöld

If the cows in Gold Butte were criminal aliens, the federal government would pay them all benefits and open an investigation on the BLM for profiling.

How to fix the Second Amendment

Benched former Supreme Court simpleton and aggressive government power advocate J P Stevens concedes that the Second Amendment, as written, protects an unlimited individual right to both keep and bear arms; suggests rewrite of Constitution to increase collective power over minorities. 16 more words