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The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway

I’ve just watched the latest episode of the BBC documentary on Crossrail call the Fifteen Billion Pound Railway.

Part of this episode told a history of tunneling through the last fifty years, through old film and the eyes of one of the tunnellers, who’s been digging for fifty years, starting with manual methods on the Victoria line. 133 more words


The End Of The Line For Crossrail 2?

Southgate is famed in transport and architectural circles for its wonderful Underground station. So you would think, that New Southgate station would be even better and certainly newer. 311 more words


Untangling The Knitting

I said in this post that due to good project management, I don’t believe that Crossrail 2 will get built as the planners think it should be now. 217 more words


Should Crossrail 2 Go To Alexandra Palace Or New Southgate?

It looks like the planned terminus of the Great Northern branch of Crossrail 2 is going to be New Southgate rather than Alexandra Park. 48 more words


Should Crossrail 2 Serve Dalston Junction And/Or Hackney Central?

The latest proposal for Crossrail 2 says this about the routes north of Angel station.

Further work to reduce the overall cost of the scheme and to minimise environmental impacts during both construction and operation has resulted in a potential change to the proposal for Crossrail 2 in this area.

848 more words

Dalston Square Public Events, Fire Safety, & Crossrail 2

This past Wednesday saw the latest meeting of Hackney Council’s ‘Dalston Square Culture & Community Engagement Forum’. And very interesting it was too: We learnt that there will be plenty happening this year, now that the square is finished, including a public event every weekend from early July through to the end of August. 625 more words


My Pension Could Get A Boost in 2029

I have a good pension, although if I have a problem with it, it’s that I can’t find enough ways to spend it.

But the… 163 more words