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roller coaster road

whiskey god turns over the keys
at supersonic speeds
cutting to the chase and racing
through the royal countryside

he doesn’t care about the time… 73 more words


On the crossroads

@Photo Credit attributed to TheGlitteryRainbow

“Man is born as a seed; he can become a flower, he may not. It all depends on you, what you do with yourself; it all depends on you whether you grow or you don´t. 21 more words


Dear friend

Its raining outside. In this hot weather this rain feels like a blessing. I want to go out and feel the rain on my face but I have cold so I can’t take the risk. 142 more words

Putting on The Right Cap

Every bottle cap is different. In color. In size. When you try to put it on a bottle where it is not originally intended by the Creator, it is either not fit, not match or worst destroyed. 483 more words


Blogging: At a Crossroad

I am at a crossroad.

It is the last year of my high school career and I am at the stage in life where I need to choose which university to attend, what program to take, what discipline to choose, and what life to live. 665 more words


At a crossroad

I am at a crossroad in my story. I’m undecided on whether one of my characters should be found dead or alive. And I think I won’t to be able to move much farther into the story until I make this decision. 428 more words


Flat Tire

Side by side on a wide almost empty highway, Hope and Bliss drove together once more. Their engines started awkwardly upon leaving the crossroad where they met, but now they drive slowly but more comfortably with each other. 632 more words