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When starting a blog it seems as though you have an inner chat with yourself, “Will people even read it? Yes of course they will, everything somehow gets found in the deepest most infinitesimal corners of the Internet. 912 more words



Crossroad, painted blue and grey,

Standstill, watching like a prey

Hustling wind, dust and snow,

Tinted sky in the afterglow,

Where to run and where to hide, 115 more words


Let's make your driving experience a therapy..............

Most people feel that driving is very stressful because of the traffic jams, inconsiderate drivers etc. Imagine you are facing the same challenges at work every day, which makes it a double whammy!! 249 more words



Lately, I’ve been asking myself what am I (or what am I not) doing with my life that’s making me feel this certain uncertainty. Why am I in law school? 594 more words

CROSSROAD~by Gaudencio Balongcas


Along the path of life there’s a crossroad to pass,
Where man should think before attempting to go on;
His will should lead him free from the thought of great mass… 130 more words


A Life of Art or a Life of Stability? - My Crazy Crossroad: Part 2

It wasn’t too long ago that I was sitting in my bedroom blogging about whether I should follow a career of performing on stage/screen, or whether I should follow a career that guarantees more certainty financially, socially, and personally ( 944 more words

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Fuel your career with......

When you have decided where to go (your destination), you will need to establish whether you have enough fuel in the gas tank and how much… 171 more words