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A Crossroads

Continuing the road along the unknown the path,

A fork in the road appears,

Endless joy or hellish wrath,

But it’s not all black and white, 274 more words

Now What?

Have you ever faced a crossroad in your life? A fork in the road that requires you to make a decision…will you turn left or will you turn, right? 446 more words

Christian Living

Freestyle writing: The four-way crossroad

Like I mentioned in my last post, I managed to do some personal writing. So here it is. It’s called ‘The Four-way Crossroad’.

I hate crossroads. 458 more words




I often hear people say that when you make plans, make big plans….THINK BIG….. AIM BIG….so, I heeded that advise and went on to make my big plans….my big travel plans which saw me on a transatlantic flight to the proverbial Land of Milk and Honey….. 528 more words

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Reflections / Reflexiones

To the leaf on your cheek
to your belated gaze
life slowly dies
slicing paradigms
on rough days
by falling gods
by falling rain
measuring on earth… 53 more words

Gavriel Navarro

The Price of Fear

We are all confronted with life situations that carry us to a crossroad, but a litany of experiences led me  to the moment where I knew I had to take action, to make the Big Move, to retire from teaching, to leave family and friends and my life in Western MA where I’d lived for 12 years, in order to get back on the road, to return to the gypsy that I was, the gypsy that remains. 748 more words

Meet me at the Crossroad.

Once up a time, there lived a boy and there lived a girl. No this is not a love story or at least I hope it’s not. 316 more words

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