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Advice from others

I’ve found so far, talking to people about my career concerns has made me realize I am not alone in this dreaded ‘career cross roads’, which makes me feel a lot better. 274 more words

Ahhhh... Now what.


I am 27 years old and currently at a career cross road.

I wanted to write this blog to keep myself feeling positive and hopeful. 302 more words

Apathetic shiver / Escalofrío apático

Winds of chance
under a tepid heart,
life opened its bosom
to a sad void
of fleeting stories
with dark faces,
wandering thoughts
dissolved into shade… 74 more words

Gavriel Navarro

At a crossroad: Decision-making

Lately, there is something on my heart that I have been struggling lately. I can’t articulate exactly what it is, so here are some quotes for those who are stuck at a crossroads like I am. 340 more words



When starting a blog it seems as though you have an inner chat with yourself, “Will people even read it? Yes of course they will, everything somehow gets found in the deepest most infinitesimal corners of the Internet. 912 more words



Crossroad, painted blue and grey,

Standstill, watching like a prey

Hustling wind, dust and snow,

Tinted sky in the afterglow,

Where to run and where to hide, 115 more words


Let's make your driving experience a therapy..............

Most people feel that driving is very stressful because of the traffic jams, inconsiderate drivers etc. Imagine you are facing the same challenges at work every day, which makes it a double whammy!! 249 more words