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CrossTalk: Collapsing Ukraine

The illegal western backed coup in Kiev continues to shape and re-shape Russia’s relations with the West. Will the West continue to support the hunta in Kiev? 19 more words

Not even halfway through our day together, I banned my three nieces from using my name!
On the flipside, my son hardly said Mommy at all.

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CrossTalk: Ukrainian Spiral

Since the EU and the US recognize the current government in Kiev, should they not pay for Ukraine’s economic woes? What will a sanctions war accomplish? 19 more words

Cross Talk: Physics (again!)

Cross Talk is a regular feature, highlighting three to seven items on some discipline taught at the college. We should all know more about what our colleagues know, teach, and love. 483 more words


CrossTalk: Crimea Votes! (ft. George Galloway) (pre-recorded)

What is the significance of this vote? What is going to be with South-Eastern Ukraine? How will China and the West react? And, what can we expect next? 9 more words