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As a hardcore and unabashed fan of the soap opera Prisoner: Cell Block H which came out of Australia in the 80s, I will look for any excuse to talk about it or post a photo from the series which is… 88 more words


#582 - A Time Someone Made You Cry

The pain was staggering.  It was like a spike of electric pain shooting up my spine and exploding at the base of my skull, making my knees go weak and sending me to the ground. 

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The Lords Of The Riff Tour

The Metal Hammer/Classic Rock Lords of the Riff tour threw together three bands for £10. That was a bargain too good to overlook. Unfortunately, for most people they took that as meaning “we can miss the first band…its’ only a tenner”.   670 more words

Live Review

New Work: The Subway Man

I actually saw a man wearing these trousers on the subway in NY. I felt I should recreate them as best I could.

Whether it was a bold statement of patriotism, a sort of ‘fuck you America’, or merely a convenient way of avoiding mending a broken zipper, we shall never know. 29 more words


Episode 353: The "I Have a Dream" Speech

“You and Vicki take a walk together, and Vicki dreams about taking a walk.”

“You know, I had the strangest dream about you last night,” says Victoria Winters, and because this is…

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Ron Sproat

Line Drive To That Special Place

Brad Meyers, a second base umpire took a line drive in the worst possible place.

That special place where your stomach drops and you feel like your going to puke, maybe even pass out! 61 more words