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oh hey there!

Testing….testing….this is totally a test :) jk jk
I promised I would be back, only took a minute or two <3
annnnnd I will more than likely be moving: … 20 more words

Forever 21

What I am wearing....

The blogosphere has exploded this week with many well-timed tributes to music festival season. I’m sure most you nod knowingly while reading this fact and think to yourself- “self, this is, of course, in honor of the festival of all festivals, Coachella- happening this weekend.” Unlike those in the know I admit to never having been to Coachella (it is on my bucket list although it is creeping ever downward on the list as I get too old and obviously mature to partake in… 515 more words


Right now... Or ideal Saturday morning

She’s asleep on me after feeding, under the beautiful blanket her Irish/Australian grandma crotcheted for her. I’m catching up on boring life things (calling phone company, arguing with the bank for charging me for calling them to tell them I’m in ‘financial hardship’ due to being on statutory maternity pay). 66 more words


Quick update

I have a wonderful Great Aunt! This is my mother’s aunt. She heard I was going to be selling some of our creations and told me she had hundreds of things she wanted to give us so she could make room for making more. 37 more words

The Espadrille Obsession

Lately, espadrilles have become the latest trend. Everybody is making them from Zara to Chanel, and everybody wants some. Last summer we saw a huge boom when it came to the espadrille. 284 more words