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Slogging and blogging

Gawd this is a slog! I’m at the 63% point in my manuscript, according to my text editor. This is going slowly, but I feel good about it. 455 more words


Chromebooks, Audacity and Linux

Now its time to start digitizing lps. I replaced the stylus on my turntable and my sound system appears to be working fine… Ironically I spotted an… 28 more words


Audacity and Crouton

I tried yesterday to use audacity to digitize sound. Unfortunately I think I have other hardware problems with the receiver. Here is one interesting item, when I plug the USB connector from the turntable, an… 14 more words

The chroot of all evil (part deux)

The nice thing about crouton is that it is easy to install a linux distribution whenever you have a computational need that isn’t satisfied by the chrome os.   123 more words

Tuscan Tomato-White Bean Soup

This soup was really good, and was pretty easy to make. It’s vegan, too, if you leave off the cheese in the croutons! I had it for lunch the next day as well, and it was even better. 265 more words


#24 Cauliflower Stilton Soup

Oh my … I should have made a double batch. This blue cheese-cauliflower creation exceeded my expectations. The crumble of blue cheese as a garnish on top was a nice little accent. 340 more words

Rating: 3

30 Minute potato & leek soup

Hey look at this, two posts in two days, I do believe I am on a roll! As I have mentioned in earlier posts I was working on getting a potato & leek soup refined and just needed to get round to actually cooking it. 498 more words