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Garlic - Parsley Croutons

Croutons Recipe | Garlic Parsley Croutons

I came across this recipe on Natasha’s Kitchen, and thought of giving it a shot, with the ingredients available at home. 324 more words

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#29 Zucchini Tomato Gazpacho

This is the perfect thing to make when you’re wondering what to do with zucchini. Tastes a bit more bland than the gazpacho made with cucumbers, but still very good. 95 more words

Rating: 3

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Homemade Parmesan Croutons

Homemade croutons are incredibly easy to make and delicious.  I always use my left over french bread to make croutons for the week.  I learned how to make croutons more out of necessity than a desire to be a fancy pants in the kitchen.   235 more words


法式香蒜麵包粒Garlic Crouton

這個西餐廳常有的法式香蒜麵包粒Garlic Crouton,酥脆美味,濃濃的香蒜加上香料,最好是配西式湯,或放在沙拉內,也可當小吃!買多了的麵包不浪費,做這個麵包粒便最好,不用烤箱,10分鐘便做到!

製作時間Cooking Time: 15 mins

份量Serving Yield: 2 Persons


長法包Baguette                         60g

橄欖油Olive Oil                       3 Tbs

蒜粉Garlic Powder                 1 tsp

巴西里粉Parsley Powder    1/4 tsp… 80 more words

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