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#24 Cauliflower Stilton Soup

Oh my … I should have made a double batch. This blue cheese-cauliflower creation exceeded my expectations. The crumble of blue cheese as a garnish on top was a nice little accent. 340 more words

Rating: 3

30 Minute potato & leek soup

Hey look at this, two posts in two days, I do believe I am on a roll! As I have mentioned in earlier posts I was working on getting a potato & leek soup refined and just needed to get round to actually cooking it. 498 more words


The chroot of all evil

Every once in a while I get the urge to build a Linux computer. Assembling all of the parts necessary for the build is a pain in several parts of the body, but the result is satisfying. 187 more words

Italian Crouton and Mozzarella Crusted Shrimp

I usually prefer my shrimp grilled 9 times out of 10 but the other day I got the bright idea to mix a few techniques together to produce my own version of fried shrimp.   445 more words


Homemade Croutons

Never underestimate how delicious a homemade crouton is.

It is so worth the little time to make them plus you get to use up your extra bread. 158 more words


Easy Tomato Basil Soup

Almost every time I go out to eat I get a cup of tomato basil soup before my meal if it is on the menu. I have always wanted to make it but never knew how. 181 more words


Grilled Cheese Salad

Yes, the flavours of a grilled cheese sandwich in a salad. The distinct flavours that make a grilled cheese iconic are mainly the crispy, yet chewy nature of the bread flavoured with butter and the softness as you bite into it. 447 more words