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Voyeur at the glass

watching as I bathe;

crow on my skylight



They're Back...

I came across this as I was driving to another location for a photo shoot and immediately slammed on my brakes and pulled over. It was incredible and I couldn’t pass it up! 15 more words

South African results - August 30 and 31

On August 30 in Johannesburg, these were the results from SAPW:

SAPW – South African Pro Wrestling at Warlocks Bikers event at Union Rugby Club, Johannesburg, South Africa: 132 more words


A mouse is just a tiny rat;
A rat’s a bat without the wings.
The phylum’s full of freaks like that,
Weird variants of other things. 53 more words


Caw War!

There’s a crow in this picture,
Yet he seeks to deceive.
Motionless, he stands
Pretending to be a branch, or twig.
When I turn away, he caws, … 76 more words


CROWNA – Chapter Two – [R]evolution is Coming

I woke up in the middle of a night. I was sweating. I was breathing heavily. Again, I dreamed my current nightmare! I usually denied this dream’s possibility of being real, but now, I could not, not anymore. 490 more words


Feeding the Crows & Starving the Children

A few years ago, I was rushing through Safeway on a lunch break. As I searched for some ripe produce, I noticed a mantis “praying” atop one of the mangos. 462 more words