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Crow Song

From, creative commons, some rights reserved https://www.flickr.com/photos/h-k-d/

Guttural chorus
now three notes without resolution
hang in the morning attempt at symphony
until other birds begin to sing… 102 more words


NaPoWriMo Day 19 'Crows Nest'

Today’s offering is an acrostic poem, inspired by crows roosting in trees on my postal round in Long Bennington, Notts. The first verse was composed in my head at the time, the second verse and 1st draft were written the following day. 54 more words


DNA, from Still Waters

“And what if we are barely what we say,
but only captives of our DNA…
subject to the game and by acquired
twists and turns of the incumbent double… 21 more words

Farewell, Stony Crow

Farewell, stony crow of my heart,

The twig snaps under the weight of your darkness.

You fly, fearful of the sun, but the rain will wash you. 39 more words

The Consistency of Trying

by Blakeney Schick

For years, I have worked on crow pose. And for years, it has remained a mystery. After a bad fall on to my right wrist, pain became part of the equation, taking the pose off the table for me for months at a time. 344 more words

Mala Yoga