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Hot Spell Cast Underground

Hot dusty rails, dark tunnel tales, people smell different when enclosed . Loud brash or po-faced, Shy, high or feral. The London limits here in travel fusion. 349 more words


How people surrender themselves to the crowd... or queue. Observations of working in a theatre

Working in a theatre I get the pleasure of watching a crowd most nights. I find it endlessly amusing how humans behave when gathered with other people they don’t know. 630 more words


Social Interaction

A crossover between real life and social media interactions, reality becomes distorted, who sees what? Others, maybe even strangers begin to have an input in our lives! 9 more words


Crowds of people....

Liverpool was packed yesterday….loads of people all enjoying sunshine and fun….


Finally Croatia! King's Landing is Great and all, but Dubrovnik was my Least Favorite spot in Croatia

I had wanted to go to Croatia for years. YEARS, I tell you. It looks so close to Italy on the map. I looked and re-looked at the dozens of ferries from ports all along the Adriatic, although it turns out they take a REALLY long time and are much more expensive than you would imagine. 244 more words

Lovely Places And Things

It's all too fast

If you haven’t seen the world with my brain, you might think, “It can’t be all that bad — it’s only half blind.” And of course, you’re right in the sense that I could be entirely blind, and that’d be worse. 438 more words

Crowd control

Hey put that bra back on!
¡Oye no te puedes quitar el sostén!