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Foglines chapter 40

“Pete! Pete! Wake up. Are you ok?’

I gasp for air. Mary-Sue holds me by the shoulders.

“Han! I was…”

“You were screaming in your sleep.” Mary-Sue said. 875 more words


Black Sparkling Eyes

This haiku was inspired by a lovely series of entries posted about some crow visitors to Gigi’s (of Gigi’s rants and raves) magical yard…

Black sparkling eyes~ 19 more words


The Law is an Ass

A look into some of the many faces of ‘the’ Law…

Man’s Law

That’s the kind of law which governs the Affordable Care Act, paying taxes, stopping at red lights, having to wait until you’re 21 to drink alcohol, as well as all the penalties accrued and assessed for violations.  651 more words


Where are the Crows?

Siniston skies are thick with the cold wings of seagulls, but the sweet tarred feathers of the death-eaters have seemingly flown. Those with the Siniston Sight report headaches, sweating and a vile thirst. 432 more words


First thing this morning

First thing this morning, I walk down the stairs, open the front door and let in the light and this glorious day.  What do I see? 89 more words

Living Alone

Illustration for a story about that moment when you just want to go away. And be alone.