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By God's mercies: secured by the resurrection

I often tell church leaders that a typical response in leadership to anxiety is to enact greater measures of control. Whatever short term gains are made through these measures, they often result in negative long-term consequences. 709 more words

Hard to Offend

When he was insulted, he did not reply with insults. When he suffered, he did not threaten revenge. Instead, he entrusted himself to the one who judges justly.

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The Hold Steady and Being Born Again

I found The Hold Steady much later than I should have. They’ve been making music since 2004 in the Bruce Springsteen mold. Rock and Roll and great stories. 820 more words

One Thing at a Time

Insight four. (Here are one, two, and three.)

Distraction is one of the biggest enemies of spiritual formation, and doing one thing at a time is a great way to push back against that. 177 more words

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What Would I Have to Change?

Third insight. (Here are one and two.)

When asked what sorts of disciplines we might engage to move toward cruciformity, Randy talked to us about reading Scripture and praying. 64 more words

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What You Pray for Is What You Think Is Important

Here’s another from the 8th & Harrison blog. I just posted it here.


Second insight. (Here’s the first.)

In our discussion last Wednesday, Randy talked about prayer at a couple of points. 316 more words

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