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One Thing at a Time

Insight four. (Here are one, two, and three.)

Distraction is one of the biggest enemies of spiritual formation, and doing one thing at a time is a great way to push back against that. 177 more words

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What Would I Have to Change?

Third insight. (Here are one and two.)

When asked what sorts of disciplines we might engage to move toward cruciformity, Randy talked to us about reading Scripture and praying. 64 more words

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What You Pray for Is What You Think Is Important

Here’s another from the 8th & Harrison blog. I just posted it here.


Second insight. (Here’s the first.)

In our discussion last Wednesday, Randy talked about prayer at a couple of points. 316 more words

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Trusting God With Ourselves, Our Kids, and Our Church

Randy Harris spent most of an hour talking to us last night about spiritual formation, discipleship and the need to be cruciform. Although we had some touchy moments with our technology at first, it turned out to be a great evening for everyone who came out. 1,130 more words

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Karl Barth on the Cruciform God

“In being neighbor to man . . . He does not need to fear for His Godhead. On the contrary . . . God shows himself to be the great and true God in the fact that He can and will let His grace bear this cost, that He is capable and willing and ready for this condescension, this act of extravagance, this far journey. 54 more words