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AngularJS – CRUD Grid

The goal of this post is to write a single page application (SPA) to display a list of items inside a grid. This grid shall not only display a list of items but also allows all the CRUD operations: … 1,908 more words


Angular is Terrible.

Following up on yesterday’s post, here is my todo-list project.  Mostly, I’m just proud that is works.  As you can see from my code, my syntax is mess and jumbled.   50 more words

The Iron Yard

Day - 31 Magang di Duxeos Software House 14 Agustus 2014

Assalamu’alaykum waroh matullohi wabarokatuh

Teman- teman, ngelanjutin postingan yang kemarin ya… pada hari ini saya masih berkutat dengan melengkapi CRUD untuk modul- modul yang belum terjamah >,< 81 more words


Day 30 - Magang di Duxeos Software House 12 Agustus 2014

Assalamu’alaykum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh

Hai teman… ngelanjutin postingan untuk mengetahui apa sih agenda magang saya hari ini. Well… hari ini di lokasi magang yang luar biasa suasanannya, saya mencoba untuk melengkapi RUP. 119 more words


Combat Crud in Alaska

“I Don’t Want to Belong to Any Club That Will Accept Me as a Member” – Groucho Marx

When I first joined the Air Force I was an officer assigned to an F-4E tactical fighter unit. 974 more words



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Create Database Demo


use Demo


Create Table Personel


ID int primary key identity(1,1), – Her tabloda olmak zorunda. 134 more words


Elements of CRUD with NodeExpress and MongoDB using Enide Studio

In this post I perform basic CRUD operations using NodeExpress and MongoDB with Enide Studio. There is not a whole lot of information in the Web on using Node Express with Enide Studio so the task was kind of difficult. 786 more words