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Cycleworld advent calendar day 15

DAY 15

The Crud Racepac is our most popular mudguard, a universal fitting guard, originally designed for mountain bikes. However the simplicity means you can use it on most bikes, so you can use it on your hybrid or even cyclocross/commuter style bikes. 45 more words

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AngularJS Tutorial: Learn to Build Modern Web Apps with MEAN

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The goal of this tutorial is to guide you through the creation of a Reddit/Hacker News clone using the MEAN stack. By completing this tutorial, you will gain a basic understanding of the MEAN stack including building a REST interface with Express.js on top of Node.js and using that interface to perform CRUD operations on a database via an AngularJS frontend.


Dynamic Data Entities Web Application

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In this article I will explain how to work with a Dynamic Data Entities Web Application which is available when a project is created.

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"The Crud."

A severe lack of energy turned into a tickle in my throat, and when the first cough left my mouth I knew what was happening: I have “the crud.” 447 more words


Java Servlet Menggunakan Hash Table

Assalamualaikum, Semangat pagi!

Holaaa ini adalah postingan pertama pada blog ini dan yang pastinya SKS ( Sistem Kebut Semalem ). Saya akan sharing sedikit tentang… 395 more words


10 AngularJS Patterns

“Once you get beyond the AngularJS basics there are many decisions to be made on how to build robust and maintainable apps. Come learn how to build AngularJS apps that manage multiple screens, structure your application code, maintain clean code with popular patterns, implement CRUD, perform robust HTML validation, use local storage, pass unit tests, and use a automated build tasks. 18 more words


AngularJS + REST Made Simple: Connecting AngularJS to a Backend with REST & JSON

AngularJS + REST Made Simple: Connecting AngularJS to a Backend with REST & JSON
Speaker: Ben Busse, technology evangelist at dreamfactory

Angular provides several convenient ways to interact with backend data using REST and JSON. 82 more words