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Bucket of JIzz

What to do with a bucket of jizz?

1) Locate said bucket

2) Find a person that pisses you off

3) Place bucket on the edge of the roof and make sure the person you hate is within striking distance (You seriously think there is going to be a picture for this? 20 more words

I Actually am Probably a Horrible Person

I decided after my depressing and heart wrenching breakup to go and find someone else to hang out with. Not someone to date, but someone to flirt with and maybe get a free dinner or lunch out of. 547 more words

College Problems

Review: Movie 43

During a sushi dinner yesterday, at which I was an impromptu +1, we got into a conversation of the wild and crazy. The movie “Movie 43″ was mentioned and those who hadn’t seen it were encouraged to do so. 1,006 more words


5 Dragon Balls found in 7 episodes?

Goku has problems. Thus far, I’m 7 episodes into Akira Toriyama’s anime series Dragon Ball, and well… Okay. I get it. You’re only a sexual deviant if you know that what you are doing is wrong. 215 more words