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Back to reality
Harsh, painfull, cruel and insane reality.


This Fake Job Is Undoubtedly World's Toughest Job !

A card company cardstore posted a fake job in newspaper and even held real interviews ! The job was that of ‘Director Of Operations’ and the interviewer started with describing what the job is all about. 101 more words


Acoustic Poem


Good Friday (Acoustic Poem)

God, from Heaven, sent down His
Only begotten Son, to suffer and die a cruel death,
On that harsh, wooden Cross on Calvary, for you and me. 61 more words

Is the world full of arseholes?

excuse my language, i usually don’t swear but i’m so angry. I’ve been raised to always think about other people first, you put other people first, you look at things from their perspective and understand things, try and make sure not to hurt people with thoughtless actions, you should always consider how another person will feel right? 160 more words

Canada's Seal Hunt

Right now seals are being killed in the commercial hunt in Canada.

People around the world continue to say “no” to seal products, but the Canadian government stubbornly continues trying to sell these cruel products. 168 more words

Angels Sent From God

The Moment I saw the Eyes
I knew for the beginning
was to start
The Course had been written
a long time back
when You and I… 58 more words


The Ethics Behind Capital Punishment

Today’s topic: Ethics Codes and Cruel and Unusual Punishment

The two drug mixture used in lethal injection is not considered cruel and unusual because anesthesia is administered beforehand. 278 more words