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When I was three my very first friend was a boy with Down Syndrome. I didn’t see any differences between us.


It breaks my heart when I hear about kids who are handicapped or have disabilities, being bullied and mistreated.

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~Cruel as the Grave~

Jealousy is the one mindset that has done the most to hinder the peaceful progression of the human race as well as the Body of Christ. 225 more words


My new Instagram account

While researching artists who have been inspired by social media I came across a woman called Lindsay Bottos. She posted pictures on Tumblr of herself and embraced the cruel comments she received. 236 more words

Bullet Proof

Yeah, it ain’t good to be bullet proof
‘Cause in the end that bullet will be good for you
When I think of all the things that I wouldn’t do now… 319 more words

"" L-O-V-E "" - feel it, spread it :)

This picture made me realize that love is actually at our fingers tips and we need to spread it.. In this world of hatred and violence the utmost thing needed by each one of us is love. 37 more words


My politically incorrect thinking

I apologize for my politically incorrect thinking. Not!

Gunnar shows off a attractive attitude, is quiet, polite and modest and good exemplary, so they say on the news, so now this sport also okay. 120 more words