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Catch of the day

Today my heart broke a little bit for the newest victim of the man who stomped my soul into a puddle of misery. He met her online, I think I mentioned this in a previous post… She seemed to like him and he was in full drag for his photo so obviously was into his get-up. 758 more words

When the Bully at the Gym IS the Gym

I was horrified to hear yet another story of corporate bullying by a gym against an innocent person.  In this case, the person was somebody I know and in this case the bullying was carried out by the gym’s finance company.  733 more words

The Unfortunate Child

She wept over the mass of dead flesh that lied in front of her.

She couldn’t bear to look at it and in fact no one did, but she was sure that it was visible to people who were trying to board a train or get off one. 318 more words

Cut Like Knives

19 August 2011

Psalm 55:12-14 “It was not an enemy insulting me. I could stand that. It was not someone who hated me. I could hide from him. 414 more words


Mayhem in the Middle East

 You are either with us, or with the terrorists. These words from president George W Bush sealed the future for the many innocent Iraqis now suffering in their homeland. 498 more words


pengennnn cakar2 meja (*&%^$^%#%(*&)*(*_)(

akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk rasanyaaaa pengen cakar2 meja, jedot2in kepala trusssss guling2ngngngng……….. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

mencelat-celat kemana gituuuuuu… haaaa..

hey kamu, kamu siapa aja. ada yang lagi bisa dengerin aku ngomong nggak? 349 more words

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