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The demonic face of humanity

The stains of the massacre

Innocent blood spilt

Aren’t your hands blemished?

Don’t they tremble at night?

The tiny and brittle bodies

Crammed into coffins… 35 more words



I have no idea who I am anymore.

I’ve totally changed and as proof, you can read few of my very first posts here on this blog, and compare it with this one because you will likely not believe that only one person wrote them. 445 more words

With Blood Drenched Hand...

With Blood Drenched Hand…

 – An Ode to the death of humanity. With Tears. #PeshawarAttack

When his Ammi sent him off to school,

With a kiss, a box filled with all of his favorite dish, 339 more words


Children are Children, aren't they? #IndiawithPakistan

As a young girl in India, I learned to hate Pakistan. I was told the history of this country with my own, how we were once one nation, and are now bitter enemies. 404 more words


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I’m really heartbroken and still teared up. What is happening to the world? Why do we live in a such cruel world?

Many of you might know what I’m talking about, the school massacre in  537 more words


Empresário de Jael confirma sondagem do Bahia

Em 2014, o Bahia sofreu com a ausência de um verdadeiro camisa 9 por um bom tempo, até a chegada de Kieza. Para não correr esse risco na próxima temporada, o novo presidente, Marcelo Sant’Ana, já está em busca de um centroavante. 122 more words