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The Ethics Behind Capital Punishment

Today’s topic: Ethics Codes and Cruel and Unusual Punishment

The two drug mixture used in lethal injection is not considered cruel and unusual because anesthesia is administered beforehand. 278 more words

Revelation, Compassion, and Forgiveness.

After I read the first two acts, I felt a strong distaste in King Lear. He is extremely cruel, lazy, misogynistic, and superficial; all which are qualities that are not expected of a king. 469 more words

Spring May be Back on Track

We thought we had it. We thought spring was within our grasp.



Proven to be cruel and clearly illegal – yet the European Commission continues to take no action.

Enough is enough. For years the Commission has been provided with a wealth of scientific evidence, detailed briefings and formal complaints on the illegality of foie gras production. 125 more words

The Pharmacopic scam lies exposed...


The medical industry is truly at a terrible juncture. I know good people working in it….oblivious to the system that created them and whence it came from. 670 more words

Cruelty in Strange Places

So, yesterday was when I spammed the world with our “trying to conceive” news. I should have known, going in, that I was going to receive some not so welcomed negativity. 302 more words

The Wrong Guy

Jon stubbed out his cigarette and took a mint out of his pocket.  The mint might have seemed odd, given the circumstance, but it was for his enjoyment rather than consideration of the man in the chair.   956 more words

Pen Of The Damned