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1 week later

After a week of my new Instagram account I have accumulated over 100 “friends” and nearly 900 likes across my posey, pouty selfies. I have received many nice and nasty comments from Instagram users which sometimes sting a bit but mostly I just laugh them off. 34 more words

Humanism and Non-Humans

A recent comment on a post of mine brought up a potential objection to Humanism that I am very eager to address: what ethical stance, if any, should people have towards non-humans? 1,200 more words


August 3, 1994 - Wednesday - 3:03 a.m.

It’s real early Wednesday morning, but to me it’s still Tuesday.  

Work was fun tonight.  Jonathan brought me home.  We played Super Nintendo and then wrote a letter together.   186 more words

Maze Runner - Prova de Fogo

Livro: Maze Runner – Prova de Fogo

Autor: James Dashner

Editora: V&R

Eai galera, tudo bem?

Ontem terminei de ler o segundo livro da coleção Maze Runner. 733 more words


A Cruel World (rant)

The world we live in is beautiful and precious, but humanity as a whole is one of the cruelest things we can encounter. We have people that are rich that starve themselves and spend $$$ on diet supplements and expensive personal trainers, while on the other end of the scale you have people starving and dying. 307 more words


For Willa Cather: Start seeing unicorns

I sat down to read Willa Cather today. I should have known better; whenever I encounter Cather my mood is altered for days and I walk around in a fog, bumping into corners, almost walking into traffic, and losing large swatches of time to meandering thoughts. 476 more words



I must admit this one, I do find funny- if only the cat could get the photo taker back in revenge and scratch their eyes out.   22 more words

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