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A Heartless Comment Can Destroy a Life

I am sad to say that since the birth of the human race, cruelty has continued to rob people of  their laughter, of their smiles, and of their hope. 424 more words


Sometimes there are no words

Sometimes there are no words for the things that human beings do to each other.

Sometimes there are no words to express our horror, or our sadness, or our fear. 229 more words


Dragon of the Day

So, as a would-be dragon slayer who often finds it difficult to spot camouflaged dragons in today’s world of grey, I want to tackle what I’m going to call my dragon of the day. 563 more words

Heroes And Dragons

HSA fights Scottish Seal Cull in joint operation with Sea Shepherd

Members of the HSA have just returned from Scotland where they have been involved in stopping the shooting of seals by fishing companies. They have been busy mapping the location of Salmon nets used by the Scottish Wild Salmon Company in, and around, Gamrie Bay, Aberdeenshire. 176 more words


Put A Stop To It

I recently came across a book, Cruel: Bearing Witness to Animal Exploitation. I would like to buy the book, but I’m afraid. We do such terrible, terrible things to the helpless, and yet most people believe in some kind of a god. 109 more words

Update ASPA Ex- Arbeiter: Verstöße und Gewalt normal

Gewalt, Gesetzesverstösse, Tod auf dem Transport und beim Einfangen – Enthüllungen von Vier Ex-Hundefängern



4 ehemalige Hundefänger der Bukarest Stadtverwaltung enthüllten gestern die brutalen Methoeden, die seitens der ASPA (Authority for Surveillance and Animal Protection) angewandt werden, um Strassenhunde einzufangen, und wie sie gezwungen wurden, so viele Hunde wie möglich einzufangen. 496 more words

Week 37 Wednesday

Not An Option

Today’s scripture selection: Psalms 108-110

Key verses: Psalm 109:1-4

There are some, too many, who thrive on a little thing called revenge.  We hear it all the time… 294 more words