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Anxiety because the conscious realisation that we will always eventually have to say goodbye to the ones we said hello to.

Defenseless, that's why doesn't matter!

I often call myself a cruel killer. Killer of hopes, dreams and lives!


I talk about loving a human so deeply but when it comes to a defenseless, cute animal, I forget about love and go to shop for meat-shopping! 148 more words


Crumbling at the Base

A foundation never crumbles at the top. The base erodes away first which seems counter intuitive considering it is protected so much by everything around it. 352 more words


Excusing God?

“As a minister I tried to explain God’s apparent cruelty and apathy. Eventually I realized they were just excuses… bad ones.”  – Dennis Augustine, former minister


A Cruelty Unbearable...

Wandering in my mind looking for reasons
I came across far more questions than answers
Why are so many children of the world dying
Why are so many, many mothers crying… 179 more words


You're going to love Billy!

I found this on YouTube today.  It’s unbelievable how cruel some people are.  Billy’s cage had been locked for a very long time.  I’m so glad Adam found him!   23 more words

Hunt saboteur Hospitalised after Being ridden down by Fox hunter

Latest news from the HSA:

The sab who was injured yesterday has 5 broken ribs but her spine is in tact thankfully. She’s in good spirits – could be the morphine. 37 more words