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Disease - 8:20am - 7/11/12

Situations always changing , quickly and fast. Assured to crumble , not keeping up.
Just like dust, blown away into nothingness. Take it slow, feeling lucky punk. 134 more words


Bridge Blues

All sizes | Sands/Land’s End/London Bridge | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

I haven’t gone on a photowalk in Methuen in ages and ages. One of my goals when I get out again is to go back to Sands Bridge. 41 more words


Tapered vines,
Tainted ashes,
Twisted roots,
Taunting veins
Wrapped around the hearth.

That line you crossed
Did you notice,
How deep it was carved
Into the granite with each… 75 more words


Poem a day challenge #292 (The Tower)

The Tower

By Scott Bailey © 2014

 The tower in the wood
Lonely and silent
Seat of many dreams
Where it was a palace of power… 54 more words

Reaganomics, privatization, brought Swedes crumbling schools, hospitals, booming inequality

Voters…are returning to faith in cradle to grave welfare after eight years of center-right Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, who cut income, wealth and corporate taxes. Sweden’s tax burden has fallen by four percentage points of GDP – now lower than France.

611 more words

My paper house

Those walls I thought I had rebuilt.
They looked so beautiful
Those four walls that I surrounded myself with
Making me think my home was like my neighbors… 124 more words