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Lobster Award

I’d like to thank Alex Grover for nominating me for this very prestigious award! I would also like to congratulate him on winning NaNoWriMo 2014!! It’s an amazing accomplishment – and THAT deserves an award. 2,607 more words


A Quest for Knowledge

Tuesday, Nov. 25                             

There’s a flip side to that “It’s OK to say ‘I don’t know.’”  Ignorance is acceptable; remaining ignorant is not.  I will never understand Einstein’s theory of relativity, nor will I make an effort to do so.  167 more words



I was hoping to go a lifetime, paved in struggle by my ancestors, that wouldn’t see the injustices in our country toward a culture or color. 14 more words


New Scottish Indie Music: Jonnie Common - "Crumbs"

New Scottish Indie Music: Jonnie Common – Crumbs

Signed to Scottish label, Song, By Toad, Jonnie Common is “a Glasgow-based sonic boom of majestic devilry forged in the pottery kiln fires of Highland Perthshire.”

Jonnie Common Web


I Don’t Know

Monday, Nov. 24

I’ve never had the problem of thinking I know everything—and I doubt if any one out there is any different. No one expects me to detail the nuances of Einstein’s theory of relativity. 199 more words


Condemnation and Rebuke

Sunday, Nov. 23

There’s an important distinction between condemnation and rebuke. If I allow sin to block the movement of spiritual food to my soul, I’m in trouble. 148 more words


Anorexia Nervosa

Saturday, Nov. 22

“Hunger for the Word increases when truth is applied.” The other side of the coin says “When truth is not applied, hunger for the Word dies out.” This could be called spiritual anorexia nervosa. 125 more words