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5 Most Effective Exercises To Help You Get The Body You've Always Wanted!

1) Walking is one of the most effective exercises for ALL ages. You can do this exercise just about anywhere, you can hop on a treadmill or go for a long walk.  237 more words


10 Minute Challenging Ab Workout

Set your timer to 10 minutes and try to do each exercise continuously for the time listed. It’s okay if you have to stop at times, it’s supposed to be hard. 52 more words

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T-Minus 195

Waking weight: 244.8

I missed my run this morning.  I didn’t get to bed early enough and slept right through my alarm.  Only just managed to get up in time to be almost late to work.   396 more words

22 Aug 14

Warm up

1) Perform 1/3 of your Max Pull Ups EMOM for 3 minutes
2) Hang from the bar for a total of 5 minutes… 23 more words


Strength Training

Now I know where I stand in terms of how far I am in order to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I’ve started looking at my training from a more methodical and structured way. 417 more words


T-Minus 205

Waking weight: 247.4

Whoo-hoo! Feel pretty darn good about today. I’ve been in pain for the last two days, especially today, from the workouts I’ve been doing. 301 more words

Ab Workout

  1. 25 Sit-ups
  2. 20 Leg Raises
  3. 50 Crunches
  4. 20 V-Ups
  5. 50 Oblique twists (25 each side)
  6. 20 Leg Extension Crunches

Rest 20-30 seconds between each workout. You can use that time to do a stretch of your choice. 12 more words

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