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Girl Abs-no Sit Up's And No Crunches

The level of stress you face directly impacts on how much pain you experience and how well you are able to deal with that pain. Maybe you’ve been trying to get that thin waistline for years, but have little to no success. 986 more words

5/3/1 - C3W3 - Deadlift

Deadlift:  5×105 + 5×135 + 3×160 + 5×200 + 3×230 + 6×255 (296.17 1RM)
BBB Squat 70%:  5×105 + 5×135 + 3×160 + 3x5x190

Seated DB Press:   17 more words


Conditioning Rules!

I love conditioning class on Thursday. Always make me feel fitter after the 1.5hrs of workout.

Did circuit and not really a fan of it because circuit is kinda boring for me. 49 more words

Exercise Me

Free Challenge: Day 3

Day 3! Get it, ladies! Let me know on Facebook on how it went!


Deconstructing the Abdominal Crunch

Perhaps the most misunderstood and overrated exercise of all time, the abdominal crunch is essential—but not in the way most people would imagine. The muscles that attach to the spine or pelvis (or “core” as it is now known) are where movement and stability begins. 298 more words


Let's Get It In!

I: 60 sec. Jump Rope >> 25 Squats w/ Bicep Curls

II. 60 sec. Jump Rope >> 15 Side Lunge Glide with Shoulder Press

III. 60 sec. 38 more words


#daddyskill #6 Exercise: 4 exercises to help your baby tone those tiny muscles

#daddyskill #6 Exercise: babies are notoriously bad at motivating themselves to exercise. As a new parent, it is your job to be your baby’s personal trainer… 118 more words