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Boulder Canyon Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Boulder Canyon Natural Foods

“Kettle cooked chips use thickly sliced premium potatoes that are slow cooked in small kettles using sunflower and/or safflower oil. We then add our distinctive flavors to create the finest all natural kettle chips around.” Voted #1 chip by Rachel Ray! 416 more words

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My drum carder has finally arrived! I have been going, nonstop, since it has been in place. I have already worked with both alpaca and sheep wool and began carding a few different colors to blend later. Experimentation is awesome!

Cut back on waste by using the whole buffalo

Yesterday was Earth Day. I missed getting this post done in time for it but it’s a great Earth Day concept I share with you today – the concept of reducing waste. 646 more words


[Asian] Spice Up Your Life!

Any self-respecting Spice Girls fan (guilty) got a little chuckle out of that title. Just a little one. But I digress.

D.C. Chinatown’s Asian Spice Restaurant is quickly becoming one of my go-to faves for happy hour from 5–8 p.m. 490 more words

Recipe: Crunchy Nut Katsu

Chicken katsu curry has got to be one of my favourite meals. It is not, as I first thought when I heard it, chicken “cat soup” (I hope no one has ever made a cat soup), but a pool of delicious, sightly spicy and very flavoursome sauce with a big piece of succulent breaded chicken on top. 458 more words

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First experience of Elimination Communication/Infant-Led Potty Training.

My twin girls were just 9 months old, finally had settled into some sort of routine and I had felt some sort of achievement. I was finally doing cloth nappies with them which might have made me feel like I was some sort of amazing, superior person doing so with two little babies! 486 more words


Can we please castrate the imaginary huevos...

Can we please castrate the imaginary huevos gained from sitting behind a computer screen? Every day I come across some post regarding how we should… 541 more words

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