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20 seconds of insane courage. 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery.

I want your hair, your light colored eyes. I want the curve of your back. I want to watch the sea swallow the sun from the rooftops with you. 208 more words


10 Reasons Khaleesi is the Ultimate Woman Crush Wednesday

Daenerys Targaryen (Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons) is hands down my favorite character on Game of Thrones. Other than being an all-around badass, here are 10 reasons why she is the ultimate #wcw: 301 more words

Real World


Cheeks were red, ties were not crooked, clothes were good,  and everything are also irresistibly cute. 

Everyday, were not always like I wanted to. Classes has their own time, and students were, also busy like those Professors has their own business to attend to. 164 more words


Recent Music Crush

Hey everyone,

I would like to introduce my recent music crush. I was working late at night as usual when I accidentally came across this wonderful song thanks to Last.fm. 117 more words

New Korean Singer "I'M: Crush(크러쉬)" Self Introduction

Introduction of new Korean singer, meanwhile already had featuring vocal with another singer.

Oke, gegara single barunya LeeSsang Gary dengan lirik lagunya yang cukup vulgar yang berjudul Shower Later, gw penasaran sama penyanyi featuring nya yg bernama Crush. 217 more words


All the things he doesn't want to hear

This is written on a piece of paper in my room and I will NEVER tell him any of this of course!
1. You are literally the most annoying human on this earth – you can be the shittest person at one point and make me vow to never speak to you again yet strut into a party or a room like you own the place and crack all the jokes to haze my perception. 201 more words

Do Exes Only Keep In Contact To Try To Get You Back?

So recently, I’ve gone through a break up. While all break ups are tough, this one was awful and it’s the worst feeling knowing that you’re ripping someone apart because you don’t feel the same about the relationship anymore.