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Morning Light

We’re sitting in the car with the atmosphere turned on high
its foggy fingers trail up the windows
leaving behind a thick layer of mist… 169 more words


3am ramblings

This letter was written to a friend of mine.  The same man I have a crush on, yet we are just friends.  I wrote it in response to a letter he shared with me from a woman who decided she couldn’t be friends with him cause she let her feelings get in the way. 741 more words


We're Up Against an Ancient "Heart Disease" and There is but One Cure.

Do Christians who actively hate and rally against the evils of the world, also actively preach Christ’s pure gospel for the solution to the same? … 156 more words


She never really thought she’d fall for that thing again.

She never even thought she was capable of doing so.

It never crossed her mind, nope, not once. 225 more words


How do i?!

How do i stop myself from obsessing on someone?
you know that uneasy feeling when you cant keep someone from running through your mind all day, all the time?

seriously, i have to stop


I just realized something

So I was reading a previous post “more HoneyBuns in the weight room”
And I realized that this man as clearly said he can’t be with me….but then comes back and admits to having a crush and wanting to date me… 107 more words