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Coming to terms

I scoff at my feelings when they come poking their ugly heads at me. The negative ones that make me feel sad, down trodden and down right rotten on a perfectly good day. 301 more words


Ashton's Poem

I am the type of person who you probably would put down as a ‘Groupie’ or ‘Fan Girl’ at the best of times. Which is why when there is a new band or Actor I spot, I am all over that. 224 more words


Shooting Sri Lanka

Letter S is for shooting in Sri Lanka — on a crappy cellphone.

A to Z entries:  My post for each letter of the alphabet will be anecdotes or musings based on an element from the previous letter’s post.  

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A To Z Musing


Her name is Nichole.

She is absolutely, without a doubt, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen on the face of the earth. She’s really quiet on her own, and she likes to read, and she’s really smart and amazing and awesome. 1,838 more words

Honors Ceremony

I had to wear a dress today at school. I’ve never worn a dress before, and I was so nervous, but it actually wasn’t that bad. 361 more words

It Started in January

I felt it

Ignored it

Thinking it would go away

But the feeling never did

Because I kept seeing him week after week

And now I’m pushing him away… 167 more words


Content With Single Hood

My eyes look, I’m not going to deny it. But I’m not where I once was, settling for anything that moved. In fact I’ve been praying to God a lot to send me the right man and I can’t wait for him to come. 765 more words