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More ~ boys, kisses and growing up II

I was about 10 or 11 when I started mowing the lawn. I had other chores but during the summer this was a huge task. I started with a push mower but when I was 13 or 14 dad bumped me up to a self-propelled mower. 1,346 more words


He had ONE job. / remember me when you're good to go.

He had ONE job and that was to not get weird after I told him I had feelings for him. One job. Don’t get weird so we can keep being friends. 1,042 more words

The days that were July 22nd

This morning I woke up and did my usual.

It never seemed like a morning that anything significant would jump out at me. When I signed into my Facebook account I saw that I had three friends celebrating their birthdays today, July 22nd. 645 more words

Nobody Asked Me But...

FYI, YOU Are The One That Got Away

When I hear people around me say discouraging and self-deprecating comments about being #foreveralone, I’m pretty sure you can picture my heart crumbling like feta cheese. 626 more words

Blog Post

Inappropriately Exquisite- The Mutual Crush When You Are Married

“My idea of the perfect man is George Clooney with his eyes glued to mine in rapt attention.”  I told my husband one evening as we lounged in bed.   857 more words

Crush or Crushed?

This is a very hard topic to discuss, but it’s one that needs to be talked about. For those of you who don’t know a… 420 more words