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The idea of love.

Most of us are in love with the idea of love, thanks to all the movies and the fairytales that they show us. Most of the teenage girls fall in love with the first guy that comes their way, thinking maybe it’s their prince charming, hoping they’ll have their happy-ever-afters. 707 more words

About Me

One of the things that appeals to me about my wordpress blog is the anonymity of it.  I have only told one friend that I started a blog and she’s not a user.   724 more words


it's - oh, k

day three. daaaaaaay three. ‘write something you’ve always wanted to!’ they said. ‘hehehe, what a fun idea!’ little did they know this would be a young blogger’s little downfall. 676 more words


An Open Letter to my heart breaker

Dear crush, or “ex crush” I should say,

I’m here writing this blog barely anyone will read. Why do you ask? Because i need to let my feelings out and I don’t want to bend the ear of my friends anymore, therapy costs money, and you won’t listen even if I paid you all the money in the world. 1,805 more words

My TV Crush: Adam Pally

Adam Pally is part fraternity guy, part funnyman, part scruff. He is the new Channing Tatum for this guy. Check out the new episode of “The Mindy Project.”


The Lip Virgin

So, you might be wondering why i named this blog ‘random musings of a goody two shoes’. To be honest, the answer is very simple. I’m a seventeen year old who has never kissed a boy. 678 more words

His name is Jace...wait, Luis?

In Language arts, we had to write an essay about how we should deserve the “most improved award” it told us to tell them how we have improved since 6th grade, I wrote about how I went from a failing student in 6th grade to an advanced kid in 8th grade. 449 more words