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Maybe You Should Audit This

I want to 
have your tongue
wrap around the reality
that maybe you could
grow to love me
and then holding me in the dark… 182 more words

Ramblings & Tidbits

Having Your Crush 'Green' On Facebook Chat & Not Being Able To Talk To Them Sucks

Oh boy.

I hate it when my crush is “green” on Facebook Chat and I can’t talk to her.

She’d probably ignore me, anyway, if I tried. 64 more words


Does She Like Me or Is She Just Being Nice?

Time and time again, we discuss with our peers about whether or not our crush may like us or not. Many instances you will notice that the guy/girl you like happens to be really nice to you and is very out in the open and comfortable around you. 719 more words


My Crush Is A Nightowl

Here’s the stupid kind of shit you notice when you’re in love with someone.

My crush in Seoul is a nightowl and I see her “green” on Facebook in the late afternoon here in America, when it’s really early in the morning in Seoul. 152 more words


I Had A Nightmare About My Crush In Seoul Last Night

I don’t remember what it was about, but I definitely had an unsettling dream involving my crush in Seoul last night. I still really think about this woman a lot and it threw me for a loop whatever the dream was. 160 more words


"This is the worst emotional crisis of my life... My question is, why didn't it hurt him so much?"

Sharing an email.

Maybe this is just of one of the reasons why relationships and heartbreak should be acknowledged as and talked about as a part of growing up – not as something some immoral young people do on Valentine’s Day. 1,517 more words

Indian Homemaker

Short Cuts

The other day I decided to go for a walk on my day off. Something inside of me was just urging me to go to Fort Tryon Park. 762 more words