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Tomato Soup

Yesterday evening for dinner I had the most amazing tomato and basil soup. I got some smoked sausage and added it to the top of my soup before getting a crusty brown roll to dip in it. 84 more words

Just Relax Bread

Sliced on cutting board
“Baking bread is easy.  I can do that!”  That’s what I want you to think after you’ve read this post.  And then I want you to give it a go.   942 more words

Flavorful Tapas With a Twist!

Taperia Raca is the latest venture for the guys at Eating House. Boquerones is one of their platos frios (cold plates) form the menu. The marinated white anchovies with roasted lemon, herbs and a sliver of Florida grapefruit on top of a crusty and delicious bread drizzled with spanish olive oil is an extraordinary and flavorful bite! That was a mouth full!

Social Bites

Dr. Hook and the Crusty Bread Show

I haven’t made bread in awhile and I’m certainly a rookie bread guy (or maybe Private Bread Guy), but I’m borrowing a stand mixer from a friend to see if I can’t live without one. 97 more words

Taste This

Home-made Italian Bread

N loves bread- buying, eating and baking, one of the very few things he likes to bake (so much for going on a low-carb diet). If I ever lose him in the grocery store I know where to find him- he’s that predictable with bread. 1,130 more words

Fiesta Friday

Ben Raybourn Welcome to Nike

Ben Raybourn now rides for the swoosh, thus completing his metamorphosis from crusty little punker skatepark air baby to upper echelon big time professional athlete, thus filling the companys gnarly “core” tranny guy quota spot that was recently vacated by Peter “poopy pants” Hewit. 41 more words