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Basic Bread

I think we can agree that most of the time, the simpler things in life are the best. There are moments when you just don’t feel like doing much. 681 more words


Crusty, not rusty.

After a long break from work.
Re-entering the for-profit work environment.
Skills are not rusty. People only offer work in line with my latest achievements. 122 more words

Ancient Indians

Crusty Sourdough

Good day to you all, now don’t you all look lovely today? Yes. Yes you do. Now that you look good, you also want to feel good, to destress after your first week back in work after the Christmas holidays, with all of that niggling nonsense that goes with the joys of adulthood. 1,578 more words


Crusty Kid In The Back Of The Classroom

I am a firm believer that in every elementary school class, there is a crusty mess of a child situated in the last row. This is the child with snot dried on their upper lip and mustard marinating on their scalp. 264 more words

You Looking For Gold In There?

Zack’s nose picking is unrelenting. Every minute and a half his finger goes charging into his warzone-like nostrils so instinctually that I don’t think he realizes what he’s doing until I begin freaking out. 132 more words

Dear Zack,

You are not allergic to tissues. Nor do you have a reason to fear them. They are here to help. As someone that is plagued by allergies, I feel it is my responsibility to tell you this. 160 more words

Fruit Pie

A warm room filled with fresh smells of cinnamon, fruit and crusty pie. A table set for 2. Fruit pie dominates the table. It’s crust is golden and it’s inner fruit still bubbles away. 352 more words