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Homemade Rustic Crusty Bread

Do you think computers, iPads, smartphones will ever have scratch ‘n sniff available?  Perhaps “smell-a-vision,” “smell-a-phone,” “smell-a-computer?”

Oh how I wish you could SMELL this homemade rustic crusty bread! 507 more words


Crusty Dinner Rolls - attempt 2

Last time I made these Crusty Dinner Rolls they were over-proved, not at all crusty and I couldn’t slash them. This time I didn’t over prove them, and I slashed them with scissors. 32 more words


Rudston Daze

Rudston and Environs, The East Riding of Yorkshire

Hedged in by exceptional cursus,
the chancel and the Monolith peep from the long grass.

Tis the tallest Standing stone in England and hewn from the moors above Whitby by a gang of 9 1980s crustys twisted on muscimol. 81 more words

Juggling skills not the babe-magnet we'd hoped, admit hippies

Scores of men with dreadlocks and tie-dyed T-shirts left Glastonbury disappointed this weekend, after failing to impress hot women with their juggling and friendship bracelet-making skills. 291 more words


Crusty carrot cakes

If you are here looking for a sweet carrot cake then I am sorry to disappoint you. I also love a big slice of carrot cake. 363 more words