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Cool Weather Means Layering

It finally feels like the holidays! Since the temperature has dropped its time to start layering up! This is a blessing, as I have started to notice my crutches rub pretty badly on bare skin. Bring on the sleeves!


Crippled Smile

Pushing to the car
In that damned wheelchair
I can only think
If it was you
You’d sit back and enjoy it.
I squeeze a smile out of that. 52 more words

Week Two Hip Surgery

December 12th two weeks down, four weeks to go.

A few things I have noticed while being home for the last two weeks.

1. I can’t carry a dang thing. 669 more words


Weekly roundup

I’ve had one of those weeks where life has seemed tough.  Every joint is hurting, I’ve struggled to sleep for over 3 months now and am beyond exhausted, I’ve had a bad run of migraines one of which kept me up all night on Thurs vomiting and I had a mast cell reaction on Fri night which now means I’m petrified to take my H2 anti-histamine.  964 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

The Important Details...How do I carry things?

I am finding there are so many little things one would never think about when you have crutches. Today I wanna talk about carrying things. Which is basically impossible, unless you have some rad devices to help you. 335 more words

Cast Fashion

It'sa Ouch

So, the other day, I was biking around the island taking video to show to my family when I get home so they can get a good idea of what the island looks like. 237 more words



My phone, a Blackberry 9790, is a temperamental little thing. It used to work for months without incident, and then it would choose a day to have constant manic attacks before resuming normal service again for months. 455 more words