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Jack (Red)

Jack hated both of his legs, but if forced to choose, he hated his right leg the most. It hurt the most. It was in the way most often. 664 more words

Stories By Red

Neuropsych Evals: I bet you didn't know naming types of fruit was a life skill!

Today/(yesterday, since it’s 1:00 now)  I had my neuropsych eval.  Woo. Long day.  Retelling stories word for word, repeating lists, naming objects, pointing ot the ceiling/floor on cue, reciting date time/standard orientation tests, did an MMPI (II?)  named fruits and furntiure alternating…named….well, rather, what DIDN’T I do?  352 more words

Permission to rest granted

I’ve been dealing with escalating levels of pain and exhaustion for a while. I went to see my GP on Monday and we discussed where I’m at, instead of upping my medication she gave me a doctors certificate so I can rest for a week. 220 more words

Chronic Pain

Hip Replacement Surgery- Final Update.

This morning I went for my final (well, for the short term) follow up appointment with the surgeon who replaced my hips. Having inspected how I was walking and how I can control the new joints, no x-ray was needed, but he says I can now go crutch-free! 227 more words


The Woes of an Injured Traveller

Over the past few months I have gained a great deal of respect for disabled individuals for I have had but a glimpse into how hard life can be for them.  1,096 more words

I appear to have gone AWOL.

I do not know how this has happened, I appear to have forgotten about this thing, which I am sure you are all pretty disappointed about as I have not updated you about my mundane life in some time now. 786 more words

The Sidewalk Outside My Apartment

I’ve been spending an increasing amount of time in my apartment because my elbow joints and right leg have been dealing with interpersonal conflicts lately. 354 more words