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Wind and crutches

The wind yesterday made me think about a phone call that I received from a Chic Aid customer some time ago.

My customer, let’s call her Ann, had purchased a pair of 771 luxury elbow crutches, but was calling to order a pair of 771L crutches. 123 more words



For any of you that have played games know there is always a “crutch” weapon, item, or a car that would be too easy to use. 304 more words


Life Goes On 10/19

Broken bones are temporary but memories are forever.

The swelling and pain has finally come down. So much so I was comfortable enough to leave the house and enjoy life. 55 more words

Unplugged, Unhinged and screwed

Got the plug removed and it has made a big difference. Able to bear some weight on my foot without that ‘pinching’ sharp pain associated with the plug. 187 more words

Foot And Ankle Surgery Recovery

ambulatory x 4

Two weeks ago I took a good tumble while running on forest trail. The diagnosis: non weight-bearing, non-ambulatory acute injury with all cardinal signs of inflammation around the right lateral malleolus. 308 more words


The Fall

I drive through this route almost every day, and it lasts for several miles. I always do my best to take in the scenery, and I’m usually listening to music in my car. 271 more words

SCI Medical Information

Letting Go of Our Crutches - Genesis 39

If you have read my “About Me” page, then you may recall that I teach 5th Grade Sunday School at the church I attend. I love teaching 5th grade. 1,246 more words