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Age is just a number!

Do you ever question where your life is going? Or where it has been? Do you remember as a child thinking your twenties was old and having planned for a marriage by the age of 22 or children by 27? 626 more words


Crutches in College Tips

Hello there! Unfortunately I am on crutches for next three weeks or so because I pulled my tendon on my right foot. Using crutches in college makes you adjust a couple of things for daily life. 331 more words



I haven’t written for a while, so I thought I’d write a quick post explaining where I’ve been…

9th September, in the afternoon, I was going to visit my friends at their house for a girly pamper session. 326 more words


Ninety percent of people would rather die than change

Most health issues are not caused by factors beyond our control. The most brilliant minds in medical research have concluded that they cannot fix our problems for us. 516 more words

It's ok to lean on your crutches!

When I hear people say to me that my belief in Hashem is a crutch, an inability to manage my own life myself with my own brain, I think of crutches. 290 more words

Baal Teshuva

I Remember When I Had a Cast...

The thing about wearing a cast is that everybody sees it as an invitation to tell you about the time that they had a cast. 406 more words

Is this what I am searching for??

I was sitting in the car; window panes were closed. I did not know whose car it was (except that my cousin was sitting beside me). 318 more words