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If We Were Having Coffee (Injury Edition)

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that January has not been kind to me.

It started off joyously, with old friends and a feeling of satisfaction about… 757 more words


Falling to Piecies

I am falling to pieces

Just over a week ago as I was walking down my stairs with the rubbish on my way out I lost my balance and feel Forward down the stairs, putting my left foot out to try and land on my feet, epic fail, my ankle gave way landing on my hands and knees. 192 more words

General Ramblings

It's a slippery slope

Sunday night I was walking to work and came to the first intersection I had to cross. “Look both ways before you cross the street, Kelly!” popped into my head as it always has┬ásince I was a little girl, always that cautious, worried little girl. 525 more words

Give A Smile - Dealing With Injury And Reduced Mobility

It is 3 weeks since my knee injury and I am worn out and wondering how we are going to continue to manage and keep going forwards for what I have been told will be a number of months recovery from my as yet undiagnosed injury. 704 more words

My First Adventure without Crutches

I was supposed to meet up with a friend during the 6th week of my recovery, however life happens and we ended up pushing the dinner date back a week. 1,879 more words

5 weeks of use = destruction

All they have to do is last 9 more days… Or more actually, if I can’t walk properly straight away. I really have no idea what to expect about going into a moonboot… hmmm.