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Broken Crutches

The recurring joke among a few of my friends and myself is that I am part bear. Surely no human could sleep as long or as often as I do. 467 more words

Eating Disorder

The Bag

My friend Wendy spent the summer of 2013 similarly incapacitated so she knew what I needed for my birthday – a large bag! Whilst using my walking frame, I had a small basket attached to it to transport things from place to place, but crutches required a different solution. 69 more words

How to Give Your Man a Heart Attack

FH and I don’t always have the same sleep schedule. There are days that I go to sleep before him and there are days that he goes to sleep before me. 421 more words

Goodbye to the heavy cast

At my 2 – week appointment, the heavy cast was removed, and the whole area was cleaned; the Consultant said it was doing well, and then asked me if I was taking the prescribed blood thinner – it must have been obvious, because my blood had healthily clotted along the scar lines, rather than dribbling out if it could – which is what I witnessed when my mother had had a knee replacement done and, as with many of her generation, dutifully took everything that was prescribed without question. 134 more words


After reviewing my xray, the doctor determined my Fibula is healed. Less than 36 days for the repair is much better than the 90 days he originally stated. 20 more words

Stacking Squares.....

It’s my day off and I got up with the crack of dawn to see Steven off to work at 5am.  It really is late for me, I usually am up at 3:30am to get to work by 5am.   654 more words


How Much I Hate Crutches; or How A Lil DIY Fixes Everything

Its official. The surgery is in three days. I had my pre-operation appointment today, where they give you the rundown on whats about to happen. Turns out I have two ligaments that need to be repaired instead of one. 577 more words

Prep Work