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Day 84: Do These Crutches Make My Butt Look...

We had a field trip out to dinner last night. I somehow hobbled in through two swinging doors (you’ve got to stick that crutch in quick and stop the door) and into the ladies room to wash my hands. 349 more words

Ideal Protein

I'm baaaaaccccckkkkkkk...

I suppose it was only a matter of time til I got over my bad self. See I had a VERY different version of how this move back to Southern California was going to go… It involved stuff like running down to the beach, daily yoga, my cat being super stoked about a HUGE backyard, the full use of my left knee. 672 more words

Wine Nerd


I went to sushi with Jessica the other day. You remember Jessica: my jazz fest buddy who recently got her groove back.

I have a lot of close friends locally, and Jessica is one of the best. 595 more words


It's the one week countdown.....til knee surgery

I’ve never had surgery before…unless you count wisdom teeth as a surgery.   Anyways,  it’s certainly going to be a nervous week ahead of me as I prepare for this.   206 more words


A Colour Run Catch Up


The day after watching Le Grand Depart disaster struck. I’m not really sure why ,though I am mainly blaming it on dancing in a field, but my knee did its best dying swan act and gave up. 318 more words


What if you're taken out of duty for things that happened off duty?

For over a year I’ve been getting around in a wheelchair and later progressing to a walker, crutches, and cane. When I’m sporting a fire shirt onlookers seem to correlate the two. 196 more words


Fitness Update - Not going as planned

Well, going on holiday never really helps does it! I went to Devon with the London Vocal Project and took my weights and yoga straps and mat etc and did a whole lot of nothing with it hmmm… … 136 more words