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Battery depleted

So, I counted. Ten appointments in the last four weeks. Ten. It’s nothing short from a miracle that I’m still here and functioning at all. 286 more words

Real Life

I'm jealous of your tears.

Crying is underrated.

In America (and probably most of the western world), shedding tears is seen as weak, even if you’re a woman. Example: if you’re female and you cry in the office, management will think you can’t handle more responsibility (or even the job you have). 693 more words



Do your tears water a rose garden or are they wasted on tissue in a waste basket?  Something to consider.


Mummy Mantra #4: All babies sleep eventually, all babies sleep eventually, all babies sleep eventually...

It’s 3am. Your baby didn’t settle until 11pm. Now they are just crying. And crying. And crying. You are soooo tired but if you so much as sit down the decibel level increases tenfold. 440 more words


my heart won't go on.

i just watched titanic for the first time and i’m falling apart a little. i put off watching it for so long because i thought the hype was too much and couldn’t bother, but goddamn it was so good. 98 more words

Rush, rush

This will be a rush post since I have to get back to work.

I just wanted to jot this down because I’m sitting here, in a mostly-empty building, alone in this place feeling… 1,439 more words