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Do You Know the Way?

I have recently decided to take my blogging habit a little more seriously and what better way to begin than attending a blogger convention on the other side of the country?   423 more words

This Week So Far

My week, starting Monday the 21st, has been quite a trip!  The Psalmist expressed my thoughts and feelings quite eloquently:


My first day back at work after vacation.  373 more words


Better or Worse?

Things were better today though I am a bundle of hyped up emotions. I managed to make it through most of the day without completely freaking out. 160 more words


Spilled Milk ...

… and yes, I cried. Really. I sat down with a sandwich and the last drop of milk that was in the carton. And then I stupidly moved my leg and hit the table it was on. 150 more words

Somethin' Bad

Today has been one of those days…like, I am writing this in my tiny little closet right now. That’s how pathetic I am. Tears are streaming down my face, messing up my make-up big time, not that I really care right now. 1,099 more words

Bad Day

Another Sample Post

Brazil got murdered by Germany 10-0.  I feel bad for their fans.  Check it out.

September 6, 2011 - Conflicts

I am a difficult person to argue with. I don’t like to be amidst conflict much less a slightly heated discussion or fight. I just don’t like the hassle of putting up a fight. 103 more words