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Exercise and Eating Well: This Week's Yoga Homework

The focus for my yoga teacher training is now on taking care of the body by exercising and eating well. A great thing for me to work on as it matches my goals. 872 more words


Silent Cries

(a shadorma)

is muffled by her
silent cries;
tears spilling
soundlessly from pools of blue
will never be heard.

P. Wanken… 8 more words



It’s after some kindness that I will cry

Caring mists me more than anger, but why?

X-ray technician saying, “Don’t worry”

Taking time to talk though she should hurry. 89 more words

Emptiness is all I feel now. I’ve never felt more incapable of making my own judgement. I’ve never felt more dysfunctional, considering the fact that I am so broken the my tears can’t even find a way out. 191 more words

A Kid Again

By: Connor Lenahan

So here I am, sitting with my friends Karina Barroso and Jeremy Singer, when Jeremy looks at his Facebook. He had been linked to an article by his sister. 255 more words


Up and down

I awoke in the best mood. I was optimistic that the effexor had changed me, I finally wasn’t going to end the day crying. Well, I was on cloud 9 for a while. 120 more words


Young Female Offenders!

I came home Monday night to my little sister in floods of tears with huge scratches down her face. She is

eighteen, but very tiny and doesn’t look at all her age. 326 more words