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The trauma of seeing Father Christmas

During the past week Moo has started talking about Christmas. We don’t know where she’s got the information from (she’s only 2 so we presume she can’t remember from last year) but it’s now very much on her mind. 266 more words


Charles Bukowski on a white cross-eyed tailless cat

The History Of One Tough Motherfucker. When poetry is just the best thing ever… The final word on cross-eyed,
shot, runover de-tailed cats. The only words probably because most people would not write about cats that have come back from the dead. 504 more words

Hiding away...

I’ve dug a hole and veiled myself away from the prying eyes of the world. I don’t want to speak to anybody. I haven’t picked up calls. 332 more words


On Tears

‘What is it? What is it?’ he said. ‘I do not wish to leave the jungle, and I do not know what this is. Am I dying, Bagheera?’ 938 more words



As it stands, my life is in terrible shape because finals are coming up and I’m currently drowning in 18 credits which is making for a very emotionally sensitive and underfed college student. 159 more words


#458 - Write a Children's Story Set in the Woods.

Once upon a time, Mr. Rabbit was hopping his way through the forest.  It was a bright sunny day out and Mr. Rabbit planned to enjoy as much of the sunshine as he could. 

422 more words


A memory,

winding up and down

a sharp spindle.

It reaches the top

and the finger pricks.

But there no eternal sleep.

A face in the crowd, 75 more words