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Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, it's off to court I go

Welcome to my Pity Party. Jump in, the water’s warm.

Right. So, I’m officially depressed. That much has been established. What’s triggered this state of chocolate-eating, serial sleeping, mindless weeping, attention deficit, quietly creeping melancholy? 257 more words


[WATCH] Kris Jenner Breaks Down In Tears When Talking About Her Son

As a mother, you are always worried about your babies- even when they are old enough to have babies of their own.

Kris Jenner, mother of the… 60 more words


She Prays and Weeps for Those who Died in the Downed Malaysian Flight MH17

A local woman praying at the MH17 crash site.

Donetsk oblast, Ukraine – July 2014


My Gluten Free Life

Being Gluten Free doesn’t control my life and it doesn’t have to control yours either

The week before my wedding day was stressful enough, but my body decided it had enough and a bagel did me in. 377 more words

Fear And Fishnets Blog

Memory Lane...

I’m walking down memory lane,

the streets are lined with pain.

I see you dancing through my brain,

and the hurt drives me insane.

Your death has left a stain… 18 more words



If crying is for a release
let us revere those affections
safeguarded for protection.

-William Leed-


We'll be happy forever

I cried yesterday as much as I did in October. I was sobbing in a Peruvian restaurant, as I grasped a napkin to my face. It felt great to let out such emotions…such frustration being unleashed finally. 382 more words