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Why am I here?

I’ve been avoiding this question the last week or so, I guess. I’m not sure if it’s related to depression or if it’s just the hormones finally starting to do their job, but I’ve been a sad sack of sadness. 869 more words


I wouldn’t let her eat my iPhone…


Farewell - A Poem

I watched you today

burrowing into the lost side of the dark,

hiding from all that surrounds you.

You proclaimed your heart

was bleeding in pain from the sword… 72 more words


Of pain and progress

There’s a lot to be said for knowing when to say “no”.

I decided to not go to the memorial service tomorrow. I’m not in a place where I can handle death right now. 651 more words

April 15th - Macadam

Macadam – n: a roadway or pavement of small closely packed broken stone
Sarah rode through the old part of town, across the macadam, trying to forget that the twenty-first century existed. 384 more words


My housemate

Found myself crying in my bathroom this morning.

I knew why i was crying  but it was so freaken useless. well not really..

Okay. So here’s the story…. 627 more words

The days drag on

I don’t want to be in this apartment anymore. I don’t want to be on this campus anymore. I don’t want to do anything but hide in my bed and never come out. 149 more words