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Week 3 - 6 PST


Yup. This never made it up, and it is not finished. But this goes out to all of those who might be considering joining and want to get a feel for some of the roller coaster affects of PST, no pun intended. 374 more words

Inspiration & Reflection

Are we all just a little crazy?

Once Lily is asleep in her crib, I like to enjoy a nice bubble bath. It’s a relaxing way to end my evening. Sometimes it’s the only alone time I get. 206 more words


The Truth.

We see her with such a beautiful face. We think all she could feel is happiness and so we hate her. But how do you know she doesn’t suffer from the same sad thoughts you do? 27 more words

The wheel is stuck on the chair leg…


About babies and giving...

I’ve always had this weird habit of trying to interpret words or signs or symbols in different ways. Or ponder about the different things they could mean. 516 more words


22nd April 2014 – In 34 hours.

It really is going to happen then – it’s my mum’s Birthday in 34 hours and she’s not here to celebrate it. I walked through the front door at lunchtime and burst into tears. 82 more words

*insert amazing title here*

yesterday i completely broke down.

i’m not even going to attempt to make it sound beautiful and poetic, since no matter how prettily i make it sound, it would still be horrible and would have left me covered in tears, snot and crying hysterically into my pillow. 213 more words