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Midnight Tears

When everyone is far away in Dreamland and I can’t sleep, as usual, that’s when it creeps up on me. That’s when the demons come to haunt and that’s when Midnight Tears fall…



Small update about the last few days.

I moved.

Have no wifi for two weeks.

I started my work at the college as a grad student. 69 more words


Crying. We all need to do it.

I thought this is quite wonderful. It offers an interesting perspective on something I’ve always struggled with. I’ve never liked crying in front of people. It always made me feel so vulnerable (and it still does, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I think it is a sign of strength). 166 more words



It’s been so long since I’ve written anything.  Sorry to anyone who is actually interested in my life, but I’m back now.

I haven’t heard from the cause of my heartache in probably six months.   628 more words

Freshman Year Move-In

I know that is around that time when people move in to their new dorms at college. Most think, “FREEDOM” or “FINALLY I GET TO HAVE SOME FUN”. 282 more words


The Dark Shuffle


When I was a kid, it was only called puberty


Until I bled through sheets when I cut too deep


I couldn’t go to school or even get out of bed… 222 more words



My husband and I welcomed a new addition to our family.  He is so incredibly cute and we are totally in love with him ^^ 236 more words