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Reasons Why My Newborn is Crying

Babies cry. A lot. From the day they escape their mom and are introduced to a room where people are poking and prodding them, they cry. 563 more words


She says…

She says… You are such a handsome man
I hear… You would make a hideous woman

She says… I will love you forever… But I don’t know if I could be a lesbian… 118 more words


Ai Tenchi Muyo! - 10

Beni wakes up, and after trading barbs with Hachiko, the two follow Tenchi’s advice to work together to escape the warehouse. When Beni runs ahead and smashes boxes, she rouses Gooriki, the malfunctioning school even support robot. 142 more words

Anime Reviews

Sometimes I Want To Scream & Shout.. 'WHAT THE FUCK?!'

Sometimes I get emotional,
I fill up with loads of tears.
More often now than ever,
As I get sick of modern fears.

Some people are so head fucked, 140 more words


What's wrong with Me

My wife snapped at me and now, I’m just in a numb meltdown. I want to cry but, don’t. Feeling stronger pain like, she hit a scar and it hurting. 35 more words


Whiskey Wind

Tired leaves falling,
whiskey wind calling.
Small child wailing,
thinking ’bout bailing.
Take me on a drive.
I’ll make it out alive.
Give me one reason… 37 more words