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me and september 02. 2014

he rolls over on the couch and the blanket falls to the floor and he is sweating – still shaking from the nightmares and the heaviness of lonely on his chest. 421 more words


Another Rat in a Maze

Everything hurts!

I laid awake for hours last night. It felt like my bones were on fire with every move I made. Not one position I ended up in would alleviate some of the pain. 194 more words


When Will The Pain End?

It can seem like forever and an eternity when you are feeling low, when you can’t even remember when you were last truly happy. The intense pain that you are feeling inside, the one which twists your stomach into knots, bangs your head against a brick wall and pulls your heart deeper into its own black hole, this feeling…feels like it will never end. 657 more words

Healthy Living

Even on a day like this, when you're crawling on the floor...

This has been a difficult summer.

At the end of July I was booked in for another haeherroidectomy.  This was scheduled to take place while Big Girl and Small Girl were on holiday with Ex-Husband, to give me time to recover.  879 more words


the cold is for lovers

Two and a half years ago, I knew what cold felt like. I lived in a town called Interlochen, which means between the lakes. Duck Lake and Bear Lake. 1,630 more words


And still I grieve

It has the power to bring me down.

The day this is posting is the day we had to let Sweet Pea go three years ago. 644 more words


6 weeks 6 days. Teething and old wives tales.

Why is it that old people think that whenever a baby is crying that they are teething?

I took my children to town today and bumped into some people we know. 178 more words