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Review: 'Noah' (and the Planeteers!)

How do you sell the same ol’ Bible story of Noah to modern audiences? Change it… a lot.

In the Old World before the Great Flood, Adam and Eve sinned and Cain killed Abel. 644 more words


Crypt of the Damned - a Soul Shattering Tutorial Part II

The undead were diligent and not only completed a degree in interior design, but also branched out into botanics! In Part I of this tutorial we created the basic layout of the Crypt of the Damned module consisting of the rock walls, rough-hewn stone and dirt floor. 1,598 more words

Dungeon Crawl

First Church of Christ/Center Church on the Green, New Haven, CT

I visited Center Church on the Green in New Haven yesterday. This is a historic church located on the Green in downtown New Haven, founded by the Reverend John Davenport who was a Puritan from Boston. 470 more words

Review: 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' (insightful inside and out)

Sure there’s a lot of Cap, but Black Widow is the scene stealer this time out.

Steve Rogers aka Captain America (Chris Evans) is still catching up to modern-day. 509 more words


Review: 'Knights of Badassdom' (needn't IS a word here)

Fans of tabletop gaming, live-action roleplay, and Tucker & Dale will find much to love herein.

Deep in the woods after midnight, chanting figures in cloaks surround a man about to be impaled with a gleaming dagger… just before a group of trigger-happy jocks with paintball guns start shooting up the place. 502 more words