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Footsteps On Fallen Rain

Open doors

Meet embrace

Come, stroll with me to another place

And when we get there everything will be

All right, no lefts

Just you and me and our footsteps… 36 more words


Some of the Most Cryptic and Mysterious Books

The Voynich Manuscript

The book that nobody can decode. The text is written in an unknown alphabet, with illustrations of strange plants and herbs, alchemy text, and cosmological treatise. 256 more words


Today's Word Of The Day: Cryptic

Cryptic (adj). Mysterious. Kim’s boyfriend left a cryptic message, and she wasn’t sure if he was angry or not. #Word

Word Of The Day

Much Closer

Much Closer

Who you are today
Is not who you were yesterday
Is not who you were tomorrow
Is not what you think you are… 226 more words

Sometimes this world can be lonely, isolation within a personal cryptic universe which sits inside your mind. But remember within this world everyone is alone, it is meerly a platform between consciousness.

Just Maybe

Just thinking about it makes me irrational– questioning everything– and maybe, just maybe things were different.

maybe this will go away when i wake up in the morning… 982 more words


Off balance

walking on tightrope is never easy

who said that it was?

whoever that person is

would be clearly a fool.

to those thinking otherwise

telling the truth… 95 more words