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Bughunter cracks "absolute privacy" Blackphone - by sending it a text message

Serial Aussie bugfinder Mark Dowd has been at it again.

He loves to look for security flaws in interesting and important places.

This time, he… 1,247 more words


Scientists create quantum entanglement on a silicon chip

A team of scientists has figured out a way for a standard silicon chip to tackle quantum entanglement — a phenomenon in which multiple particles are connected to each other and act in uniform, regardless of how far apart they are. 352 more words

Cryptography in .NET Talk : Slides and Sample Code

Today I did a talk on Cryptography in .NET. The talk synopsis is as follows :

Data security is something that we as developers have to take seriously when developing solutions for our organizations. 179 more words


RC4 Stream Cipher

I recently started to look at some other cryptography ciphers outside what is included in my development platform of choice, .NET, and started reading up on RC4. 976 more words


Caesar's Cipher

Cryptography has existed even before there were computers.  One of the oldest ways of hiding information was used by Julius Caesar. In his cipher, each character in the original plaintext was shifted to 3 positions to right in order to hide what is exactly being said in the text. 67 more words


Verbieten oder vorschreiben: Streit um Verschlüsselung eskaliert

Der eine will es ganz verbieten, die anderen fordern ein Verschlüsselungsgebot: Der Streit um die Frage, ob der Bürger, aber auch Unternehmen das Recht – oder die Pflicht – haben sollen, in Zukunft ihre elektronische Post vor den Blicken von Dieben, Gaunern und Spionen, aber auch vor dem eigenen Staat zu schützen, wird immer heftiger. 320 more words


BITCOIN and On Posting Here

Since you guys are still (presumably) stewing over what article to write and how to take on the posting assignment, I’ll post one up as a primer to how it should look like and how this entire thing works… 603 more words