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iSpy? Researcher exposes backdoor in iPhones and iPads

How much of your personal data on your iPhone or iPad would you be willing to bet law enforcement or a hacker can grab from your device, even if you’ve encrypted it? 552 more words


A world without certificate authorities

When networks began to expand and people saw the need for secure communication, they designed complex systems based on public key cryptography, that worked more or less. 918 more words


NIST panel finds that NSA influence over NIST weakened crypto standards

There’s an interesting article in Computerworld about the report of a blue-ribbon panel of the NIST looking into allegations in the Snowden documents that a key cryptography standard was weakened by the inclusion, at the NSA’s behest, of a weak pseudo-random number generator. 394 more words


What is Cryptanalysis?


The science of breaking secret codes is known as Cryptanalysis.


Maker creates uncrackable DIY mixtape

Maker David Huerta, co-organizer of Art Hack Day and Cryptoparty, recently devised a DIY encrypted mixtape using an Atmel-based Arduino and a transparent acrylic case. 295 more words

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