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SSH with GoldKey tokens on OS X: provisioning (IV)

Until now we operated under the assumption that GoldKey tokens were already provisioned with PIV credentials. But that side-steps the question of how these key-pairs and certificates got there in the first place. 680 more words


Insight of pkcs padding


Cryptography is a technique to change data (encrypt) so that no one can understand (confidentiality), if modified it will be identified (integrity). There are some algorithms like RSA, DES3. 1,318 more words


Using WPS on your Wi-Fi router may be even more dangerous than you think

A Swiss security researcher has found yet more problems with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), a system built into many wireless routers to make it easier for you help guests and visitors to get online. 1,496 more words


Public Key Digital Signature Explained

I was reading about Bitcoins and I remembered that long time ago I had hard time understanding how public key digital signatures actually work. Most of the sources I was reading through explained it in a way that only confused me: when I was expecting encryption operation there was a decryption operation and vice versa. 199 more words


Random privacy news #2

20 Android and iOS Apps to Give You Privacy and Anonymity
As websites, advertisers, and social networks put increasing effort into tracking your activity both on your computer and on your smartphone’s apps and browser, it seems like a good idea to be more conscious of how private your mobile activities really are. 383 more words


So Far So Good

The month of August has particularly been prolific. 31 days, 31 posts. So far so good. If this continues, (which I don’t think will for long), I might end up with 300 posts by the end of this year. 499 more words


We Rock!

I was looking at something on-line today, something I stumbled into.  The details of the USS Pueblo.  A still-commissioned USN ship held hostage by the Norks. 259 more words