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How to Neuter POODLE (New SSL Vulnerability)

Surprise, surprise… Researcher’s have found yet another OpenSSL vulnerability. They’ve named this one POODLE. Silly name, I know, but at least it stands for something—Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption. 1,548 more words

Security Updates

POODLE attack takes bytes out of your encrypted data - here's what to do

Imagine that you’re a hacker who has taken over a Wi-Fi access point at a coffee shop.

You don’t need to be there in person; you just need to be able to login to the access point as root (UNIX’s name for the system administrator). 1,714 more words


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The keys of the code.
The saviour of men in fifty shades of green beneath the
Stars above our heads and of their predecessors’.
Generations are intertwined through the flawed floors of Heaven. 281 more words


Vulnerability found in SSL 3.0

Google found a vulnerability in SSL 3.0 which they are calling POODLE (seriously Google?). The vulnerability allows the plaintext of secure connections to be calculated by an attacker. 48 more words


Shouldn’t security be a standard?

Security matters now more than ever, so why isn’t security a standard feature in all digital systems? Luckily, there is a standard for security and it is literally standards-based. 730 more words


PIV provisioning on Linux and Mac: key generation (part II)

Key generation

Returning to the problem of provisioning a PIV card given the PIV administrator key, we can now enlist the help of open source solutions. 608 more words