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S-DES Bash File

After going through an S-DES sheet in my cryptography lessons I wanted to make a script that would use S-DES to encrypt stuff. I figured it would be good practice for bash and for learning how S-DES works. 367 more words


128-Bit AES: Rijndael

Introduction to AES

This tutorial will introduce the AES Cryptosystem. Both theory and implementation will be provided. While many versions of AES exist, this tutorial will cover the original 128-bit AES Cryptosystem, also known as Rijndael. 5,376 more words


AES: How it works

AES is a encryption standard defined by NIST under FIPS-197. It is a symmetric block cipher that uses keys of 128, 192 and 256 bits to digest data in blocks of 128 bits.  1,488 more words


Artificial Brain and cryptanalysis

Was reading about different Blue brain or Artificial brain projects and thought of writing a simple network myself. So all I could afford myself is one compute machine from amazon which allows to run 3000 threads only if I am not doing much in each neuron. 93 more words


Encrypt XML element data using Public Key & Sign XML string using Private Key in C#

While integration of a e-service application with  a Single Sing on system for authentication, set of XML elements have to singed using a private key. 210 more words

Announcing hxBitcoin, the Bitcoin and crypto library for Haxe

hxBitcoin is a new open source Bitcoin and cryptocurrency support library in the Haxe language.

The initial release has these features:

  • BIP0038 (encrypted private keys), WIF, private & public keys, addresses, Base58…
  • 203 more words

How to fail at code-signing, the Sony edition

Another massive corporate security breach? Readers well-versed in contemporary history of data-breaches may not be surprised to learn that the target this time was Sony, a… 1,014 more words