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WordPress issues critical security fixes, closing remote anonymous compromise bug and more

WordPress, the internet’s most widely-used web publishing and blogging system, has just published a critical security release.

Amongst the fixes is a bug noted as “a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability could enable anonymous users to compromise a site,” which is critical indeed. 718 more words


Encrypted-a challenge

When I was a kid, I remember learning two encryption techniques from my grandmother. The first was the substitution cipher / Caesar cipher / Secret decoder ring method. 931 more words

An Incredibly Basic Introduction to Cryptography

It pains me to see that sometimes, when teachers teach math, they fail to help students fully see its applications. This is the case when students learn about functions and one-to-one functions, whose applications can readily be seen in Cryptography. 856 more words


Howto sign/verify a Git tags and commits (using GnuPG)

  • git-tag@man is used to create, list, delete or verify a tag object signed with gnupg.
(install gnupg)
$ sudo apt-get install gnupg2 | sudo yum install gnupg2

(from git-tag)
'-s/--sign' make a GPG-signed tag, using the default e-mail address’s key
'-u/--local-user=<key-id>' make a GPG-signed tag, using the given key (defaults to 'user.signingkey')
'-v/--verify' verify the gpg signature of the given tag names. 289 more words

Howto encrypt/decrypt/sign/verify files in Linux (using GnuPG, PKZIP and 7z)

  • gnupg/gnupg@man GPL-licensed alternative to PGP, an encryption/decryption program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication.

Using symmetric-key algorithms – use same key for encryption and decryption… 598 more words

Encrypting Freedom

Prompted by “EFF Launches Initiative To Encrypt The Web With Free HTTPS Certificates”: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/eff-lets-encrypt-free-encryption,28092.html

Interested in following this issue, yours truly may leverage that encrypting initiative for our future application of the https protocol within the All Sines realm (a.k.a. Asforus).