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9 Epic Failures of Regulating Cryptography

Activist Post
Sept 27, 2014

by Cindy Cohn
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Recently Apple has announced that it is providing basic encryption on mobile devices that they cannot bypass, even in response to a request from law enforcement. 246 more words


Journalists need to become more crypto and privacy savvy

Lately there haven’t been much talk surrounding the dreaded media crisis where newspapers are losing a truckload of revenue and sacking people left, right and centre.

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SU-CTF 2014 Rolling Hash write up

Hello folks, :)

Rolling Hash challenge was a very simeple one. We were given a snippet of python code and output for actual flag. Here is the given encrypt routine… 208 more words

CTF Write-ups

IOS8 Security - Apple take the high road?

Jonathan Zdziarski posted an interesting blog last week detailing some of the changes in IOS designed to improve security, and reign in accessibility of data in the new IOS 8 release. 671 more words


Cryptography: A modern use for modular arithmetic

The common analogy used to describe modular arithmetic is fairly simple. All one has to do is look at an analog clock. For example, if it’s 11 AM and you want to know what time it will be in four hours, we instinctively know the answer is 3 PM. 1,232 more words

European Mathematics

CloudFlare and keyless SSL: far from NSL-proof (part II)

Handshakes with PFS

Perfect-forward secrecy precludes decrypting past traffic which was collected passively earlier. But we still can pull off a real-time active attack with the help of our friend CloudFlare. 901 more words