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The Unicorn: Myth, Legend. Did they Exist?

The Unicorn is a legendary animal that has been described in ancient times as a horse with a large pointed spiraling horn projecting from it’s forehead. 111 more words


No, we didn’t find the Loch Ness Monster with Apple Maps

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a good debunking-random-monster-sighting post. The ready availability of global satellite image databases is a powerful tool for exploration and monitoring but has also led to a boom in pseudoscience “discoveries” by people not familiar with how these images are produced or just willing to suspend disbelief for their pet woo. 17 more words


Steve and Naomi

We talk with fellow investigators Steve and Naomi, from S.T.U.R.S. and radio show hosts of Seeking the unknown Realm.

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Is THIS the Loch Ness Monster? Apple's Maps satellite image may have found Nessie | Mail Online

Looking for the Loch Ness Monster? There’s an app for that.Amazing images of a creature swimming below the surface of the world famous loch have been accessed from a satellite high in the atmosphere, using Apple’s satellite map app.The photographs were captured by two different amateur Nessie hunters scanning different satellites transmitting images of the earth from space. 19 more words

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Mysteries and pranks are the stuff of British country life

There’s a mystery afoot in Essex. Don’t call for Scotland Yard. Nobody’s car has been spray-painted, yobs aren’t congregating around the village cross, the fields are free of flytipping.What has the people of Colchester talking is philanthropy. 39 more words

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Mysterious mermaid stripped naked | Paolo Viscardi | Science | theguardian.com

I am fascinated by mermaids. But my fascination, I should add, is purely professional. It all began when, in my capacity as a curator of natural history at the Horniman Museum & Gardens, I was asked to help identify the composition of a mermaid in the collection. 11 more words

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Kentucky Hellhound of Pike County...

The Mountain Men are a group of paranormal and cryptid investigators from West Virginia who look more like surplus cast members from Duck Dynasty or perhaps a ZZ Top concert; they’re mostly older, bearded guys whose appearance might cause the neighborhood watch captain to sound an alert; no designer clothing here, but plenty of flannels and camo gear. 405 more words