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Book Review: Stalking the Herd

Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery
Christopher O’Brien
Adventures Unlimited Press, 2014
Kindle Version

I wish that I could smile and say that this was a great book and that you should read it because it was so interesting and full of fascinating facts. 937 more words


Does Washington's Eagle Still Cruise the Mississippi?

Everything’s been coming up “big birds” lately, in terms of sightings reports. A few days ago I received one that, if the reported birdĀ is what I think it is, definitely points to the flesh-and-blood, relict population side of possible explanations. 943 more words

Strange Creatures

Investigation tonight...keep an eye on twitter.

We have our investigation set for tonight… We have a long drive then an hour or so hike on foot in… We are looking forward to it… The group going went from 7 down to two for sure maybe a third if he isn’t feel too bad… 44 more words


Sixteen Cryptids from Around the World

A mythological creature is one that people told stories about long ago. A cryptid is a creature that some people have claimed to have seen (or seen evidence of) in more recentĀ times. 28 more words

Sighted Elsewhere

The Loveland Frog

North America is home to many famous cryptids known worldwide such as Bigfoot, Chupacabra, and Ogopogo. Yet there are many other creatures few are unaware of, only to exist as local lore until the development of the internet. 290 more words


To keep myself motivated to write, (because everyone knows how difficult it is to stay focused), my goal will be to post a random thought every day. 240 more words


Has The Loch Ness Monster Moved?

It’s a classic story of gentrification.

The tourists move in and start taking pictures. The lakeside rents skyrocket. The businesses get pushed out. What’s a Loch Ness Monster to do but pack up and leave? 257 more words