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Ogopogo Day 1 of Legends of the Northwest

Since 2012, Every October I try to create one painting every day. The first year was all Halloween art. Last year was Cinematic Dracula paintings. This year will be a new legend, curse, folklore of the Northwest. 52 more words


Here be dragons? The worms of the wells

“The worm shot down the middle stream
Like a flash of living light,
And the waters kindled round his path
In rainbow colours bright.

But when he saw the armed knight… 640 more words


E-book about The Wamduska Tanka now available in the Kindle Store

The story about the Wamduska Tanka inspired me to write an historical fiction about the creature as a birthday gift to my father. Including supernatural elements along with real events and locations (Sica Hollow) in northeast South Dakota, … 32 more words

American West

Story in the Day County Reporter and Farmer newspaper about the Tanka

I have an old clipping from the Reporter and Farmer, the Day County, SD, newspaper. It is a story titled Pickerel Lake Lore Reviewed By Mrs. 115 more words

American West


Hello and welcome!  This site was created to discuss the legendary Native American creature, the wamduska tanka, which means great creeping thing or serpent.  Hopefully there are people out there who are willing to share their experiences with this particular cryptid!

American West

Amy: What Northern Irish Tourism Ads "Forget" To Tell You

Many of us who have travelled some bit are used to hearing the phrase “If you really want to get to all the cool stuff, you need to ask the locals.” And often this is true. 1,195 more words


facts about the desert squid

the desert squid is very rare
you’re not likely to find one’s lair
and if you do, but see a bear
you haven’t found the desert squid