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Giant Dormouse?

Long distance shots are never the clearest ones.  I noticed that this picture of a coyote (or is it?) resembles an enormous mouse as much as it looks like a coyote.  9 more words


The Enchanted Forest

Here’s a book I saw in the store yesterday. I’d like to read it in the near future (should I use some Christmas gift money?) It appears to agree with one of the lines of my thought. 209 more words


Mystery creature washes up on Santa Barbara Shore

The Huffington Post, reports a KEYT reporter John Palminteri stumbled upon a deceased, hairless creature on the shores of East Beach in Santa Barbara, California after their recent rash of storms. 13 more words


Monsters of Africa

Courtesy of CNN, of all places.

[P]erhaps no continent has more history of folkloric myths, monsters and demons than Africa.

This is where the human story began, after all, and it remains home to tales of giant reptiles, lost plesiosaurs and snakes with the head of an elephant!

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Killer beneath the dunes: The Mongolian Death Worm.

In the realm of myth, reality is a fool in the court of illusion. In the name of good storytelling, facts are used, abused, and distorted, truth and fiction mixed in the name of forming some greater whole. 1,421 more words


Art Deco Phoenix

Inspired by the recent Rolls Royce ads.

On woots derby this week.


Who is a Scientist?

Jonathan Whitcomb at a sighting location where he installed a deer camera

I have written one scientific paper in a peer-reviewed journal of science. Yes, only one. 959 more words