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Hairy Thing of Hartland

A Hartland, Wisconsin woman wrote me this past Monday to report one of the most chilling sightings I’ve heard lately. Her encounter took place the night of Thursday, July 17 on her property inside the Hartland city limits. 1,040 more words

Strange Creatures

Finding Nessie

My friend, Teresa, and I have flown to Glasgow. We are here mostly because of the cheap airfare, as Ryanair was offering a sale to the northern land. 781 more words


Merrow. The Mermaid

Original painting, acrylic on paper, approximately 8″ x 10″ of the Irish or Scottish mythological creature, the Merrow. Mermaid.

The painting does not contain the “ 11 more words


Functional Anatomy of Tatooine Megafauna (Hyperspace Transmission Received)

SupraHoloNet Transmission

Year 277 ABY, Fourth Imperial Age

Hoth System (location classified)

From: Dr. Zhonav Diphyryzas, Imperial Corps for Yesterday’s Misplaced Information; Knowledge Harvesters Unit; New Imperial Science Department… 4,534 more words


I want to believe; The Paracas Skulls and the temptation of Bigfoot

My secret obsession — bigfoot. Or rather, the nascent, undeveloped, and completely unscientific paranormal craze known as Cryptozoology. Being good scientific illuminists, we feel the need to point out that, despite our own interests in the Great Unknown, despite “research” undertaken by uncountable armies of pseudo-scientists, not one shred of evidence exists to definitely show that Bigfoot (Sasquatch), the Yeti, UFO’s or the Chupacabra are in any way real. 238 more words



Sasquatch activates
personal cloaking device
TV crew runs past