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Artist : Crystal Castles

Song : Affection


Yin and Yang - Music Focus

96.9 Radio Humber Music Focus is a podcast that focuses just on two songs. The hosts, Jared Knight-Fudge and Tylor Brewster, each bring a Canadian song and the pair discuss their opinions of the music. 88 more words


Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles was an experimental electronic band formed in 2003 in Toronto consisting of producer Ethan Kath and formerly of vocalist Alice Glass. The duo was known for their chaotic live shows and lo-fi melancholic homemade productions. 997 more words


#WCW- Alice Glass

Energy. Emotion. Attitude. Style. Punk. Pain. Truth. Otherworldly. Grime. Dark. Light. Hope. Alice. Glass.

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R.I.P Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles were one of the most acclaimed bands that the electronic indie music scene has ever witnessed. Pioneers and undisputed holders to the throne of the recent underground witchhouse movement, the band boast a varied three album discography (’I’, ’II’ and ’III’) that puts other artists contributions to shame. 299 more words


Ourselves Alone

This has become one of my favourites of mine, probably because I haven’t given it much thought.


7 Remixes Better Than the Actual Song


Sometimes certain songs need a re-visit for us to appreciate them a little bit more. Here we’ve compiled some remixes of songs that we found to be just a little bit better than the original. 510 more words