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Is Tropical - Black Anything Pt. 1

Remember The Greeks back in 2011? No not the Greeks from Europe, Is Tropical. It’s been over a year since their second LP I’m Leaving hit the airwaves with Dancing Anymore, and now the London, indie dance group are back. 113 more words


Gaming Beginnings

The first gaming system I remember having in our house was Atari. I was young at the time, too young in my parents’ opinion to actually play said Atari. 386 more words

The Struggle of Feminism Within the Music Industry

Feminism has become the newest of taboos it appears, with every social media site being flooded by the views of both sides on the matter. Yet, it is not a new issue; it’s just one that bizarrely hasn’t had action taken to resolve yet. 742 more words


Sí, se que llevo tiempo desaparecida, pero la vida no me da para más, y es que tengo un proyecto entre manos para que os sorprenda en diciembre. 47 more words


and an awesome paycheck 👍 most of it is going into savings for my car!

Crystal Castles live in Sydney | Music Feeds

Entertaining a sizeable crowd has long been a hard thing for musicians to master. To do so with a broken ankle and uncomplimentary crutches is a near unimaginable feat. 348 more words

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