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❁KRM Weekly MANTRA❁ Rhodochrosite "I Love"

Rhodochrosite: Universal Love, Balance, Inner Child

Mantra: “I Love.” Open to love and open channels of all good things…happiness, abundance, play, success, kindness and universal synchronicity. 17 more words

Kona Rock &mineral

❤ Crystal healing: Celestite...

Celestite or “Celestine” is a beautiful blue (it can also come in yellow, red, or white) crystal commonly found in Madagascar. Its name, named after its blue color, comes from the Latin word meaning “heaven.” I love its delicate and loving energy, and of course its crystal clear sea blue color. 181 more words

Crystal And Color Healing

Throat Chakra Affirmation

I willingly give up (smoking, alcohol abuse, dope, overeating and unhealthy dieting) to enhance my own creative gifts.


Energy Clearing for your Office Cubicle

I am a Reiki practitioner, astrological counselor, musician and jewelry-maker — but sadly my favorite things aren’t where I make the majority of my living.  Shoot, if I were paid to do my favorite thing, I would be paid to read books in a big leather chair while listening to the Pandora Motown station and drinking coffee! 1,902 more words

Chakra Affirmation: I love my life just

Chakra Affirmation: I love my life just exactly the way it is. I am free to make whatever changes are necessary for my future.


Amethyst Double Terminated Pendulum Pendant ( liontin pendulum kecubung asihan)

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