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Beautiful Boy - David Sheff

Beautiful Boy – a father’s journey through his son’s addiction to crystal meth

I found the most interesting parts of this story to be when the father described parenting his two younger children, second-guessing himself and constantly worrying that he was the primary caregiver of a child who became a meth addict. 373 more words



Imagine a ‘light switch’ in your brain. Meth disables the body and brain from its ability to produce its own feel good chemicals -like dopamine and serotonin. 190 more words


Reasons You Should Stop Using Methamphetamines For Your Health

Methamphetamines are a very dangerous substance to use. Extremely addicting, you can find yourself experiencing many problems as a result of taking these drugs. The immediate effect is that you will feel very alert and have energy to get through your day. 271 more words


Crystal Meth Addictions - How To Get The Best Health In Your Area

Popularized by many television shows in the recent past, you have probably seen how detrimental it can be for people to become addicted to methamphetamines. Crystal meth is sold on the street every day, for thousands of dollars per customer, depending upon how pure the crystal actually is. 285 more words

Drug Abuse

the vein

in the short amount of time I was actively using crystal meth, I went from smoking to injecting within 1 month.

I don’t have any track marks. 33 more words

Crystal Meth

I guess I should write something. if not for you, but at least for myself.

Hi. I’m Shaun.  I had my first taste of Crystal Meth at age 29, October 2012 to be exact.  Vancouver British Columbia.

This is my story.

Crystal Meth

I'd take the red pill

This weekend, I watched a National Geographic educational program that took a peek inside North Korea. As an American, I don’t even think I’m really allowed in that country, even if I wanted to go. 2,169 more words