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There’s something terribly wrong with Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a television show that has won basically every award worth winning and every accolade worth giving and been subject to the most minute scrutiny by television critics, writers, psychologists, addiction experts, and dramatists ever since the show first aired back in 2008. 836 more words

Oran Ryan

Toys R Us Taking Heat for 'Breaking Bad' Action Figures

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Parents nationwide are upset about a new action figure on sale at Toys R Us – the Breaking Bad doll – complete with a fake bag of crystal meth. 233 more words


Toys R Us Selling Figurines of Breaking Bad Holding Tiny Rocks of Crystal Meth?!?!?!---A Very Concerned Parent

“US toy store Toys ‘R’ Us sells range including figure of a drug-dealer holding tiny rocks of crystal meth based on the television series Breaking Bad” 440 more words


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Kaufen Sie Amphetamin Pulver/Kristall online mit einer 100 %-Lieferung

Amphetamin pharmazeutischen Zwischenprodukt bei der Herstellung von Arzneimitteln wird umgangssprachlich als “Geschwindigkeit” bekannt ist.
Amphetamine kommt in drei Formen… 539 more words

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High Hitler? The Nazi leader was secretly addicted to crystal meth, says new documentary

WASHINGTON — Adolf Hitler is remembered as many things: a genocidal warmonger, a hateful ideologue, a failed art student. But the phrase “drug addict” is usually not high among the list of epithets. 575 more words


4 Members Of Alleged Drug Trafficking Organization Arrested In Camden

CAMDEN, NJ (CBS) – Four members of a drug trafficking organization accused of distributing heroin and crystal meth in the Camden area were arrested on Wednesday. 143 more words


Adolf Hitler Was a Secret Crystal Meth Addict

Hitler’s body language suggests he was hooked on the drug made famous by Breaking Bad

The leader of the Nazi party Adolf Hitler had a secret addiction to crystal meth, the drug which is the focus of the TV series… 317 more words