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Night Terrors

The house is quiet and still.  Both kids are sound asleep, I’m sound asleep, even the dog is snoring.  Then, out of nowhere I was startled awake by the most horrific bone chilling, blood curdling scream. 530 more words

Red Jasper - January crystal

There are two crystals and healing stones that come to mind when I think of where we are energetically during the month of January. Garnet is one of them and it is traditionally associated with January, as the month’s birth stone. 499 more words

Crystal Healing

Our Stone Family

The Wisdom Of Gemstone Healing Through The Ages

The belief that gemstones contain healing properties is as ancient as mankind.  For thousands of years leaders in religion and goverment, including priests and pharoahs, have written about gemstones as healing agents in humans.  534 more words

Creating Healthy Communities

Healing From the Inside Out: Crystals that Heal Cells

As my Herbalist Certification Course begins to wind up, I’ve found myself contemplating the wondrous world of cells. I’ve always been fascinated by the enchanting micro worlds within a single cell. 358 more words


Welcome to the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations' Blog!!

Or ACHO for short.  We are very fortunate to count amongst our members a number of well-respected authors and crystal authorities, whom we hope will share their wisdom with our readers.