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Get your future prediction through Crystal Ball Gazing

Get your future prediction through Crystal Ball Gazing while sitting at your own place, thru video conferencing.

Crystal ball gazing can help you knowing your recent future and further future trends, this session also provide you healing on the required area. 60 more words


Wow my family and I have been watching shows on American channels the last couple days and I guess the sun going down earlier has caused us to snuggle more on the coach at night under a blanket or maybe better movies on?! 659 more words


Crystal of the Week - Clear Quartz

There are so many crystals out in the world….where to start? I’m thinking we’ll make a start with Clear Quartz, this is where I started my crystal… 430 more words

Crystal Healing Therapy

In July of 2014

I was volunteering at Inanitah http://www.inanitah.com and I met Amit who was offering everyone a therapy with crystals. At that time in my life I was experimenting a lot of changes after finish with a long time relationship full of trouble and beginning my solitude trip, so I start talking to him and we went to the jungle temple on top of the farm. 797 more words

The Yin-Yang of Picasso Jasper Grey Agate Yoga Jewelry

Life is full of Positive and Negative, Good and Bad. The Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang seeks to teach us that these apparently opposite concepts are actually complimentary, and that one of our goals in life is to see the unity in all of our experiences. 193 more words

The Earthy Canvas of Fancy Jasper: Root & Heart Chakra Jewelry

Fancy Jasper is both a spiritual, and spirited, stone to work with. It contains deep crystal healing and Chakra energy — and nearly infinite color combinations. 196 more words

Lunar Eclipse & Fire Moon Inspire Red Aventurine, White Quartz and Green Labradorite Bracelet

As a trained Reiki Yoga teacher, I have studied the ancient healing and folk traditions of many cultures and appreciate their connections to the crystal chakra connections of jewelry that I make. 253 more words