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Welcome to Wholistic Blessings!

Come in to this uplifting oasis where you can find a myriad of handmade creations for mind body and spirit. I enjoy Working with crystals, herbs, and a variety of items and their energies, to create beautiful spiritual art, and jewelry. 143 more words

Crystal Offerings: Wholistic Blessings

Citrine Reiki

Citrine Reiki! To make the life of all of us much easier, I gave up the PDF manuals. The procedure to connect with the ethereal crystals and their “over souls” is very simple and familiar to all kinds of energy workers, so use the power of your intention…   94 more words


Crystal Select: Fluorite

I was given a peace of Fluorite to hold while photographing a Sacred Woman Ceremony yesterday and it caught my interest.  It was dark purple and had a mystical allure to it. 185 more words


Borax Crystals

My oldest superhero received a crystal making kit for his 4th birthday and we made the crystals in the kit which were just polyacrilamide with some colored water.   451 more words



Selenite, satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flower are four varieties of the mineral gypsum; all four varieties show obvious crystalline structure. The four “crystalline” varieties of gypsum are sometimes grouped together and called selenite. 258 more words


32,768 KHz

Quartz the essential cornerstone of orgonite, vibrates @ 32, 768 KHz

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Honing Discernment, Informing Choice.
Challenge but not hurt feelings. 22 more words

Positive Frequency,


Covellite stimulates the Third Eye energies, intiating/opening the intuition. Covellite helps to access the metaphysical abilities that are within.  It is also a wonderful stone to use during the dream state, as it enhances dreams and helps to remember the details upon waking. 73 more words