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Are you the janitor?

Sitting in a chair, left arm extended and actually excited to get my blood drawn as that means I am finally able to eat. I am a phlebotomist’s dream. 368 more words

Top Ten Authors I Own the Most Books From

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Today’s TTT topic is: Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From.  662 more words

Top Ten Tuesday

Day 9: Finding the Wardrobe

Okay, I failed. Well, ish. I was going to blog everyday, but you know what? I would have really boring posts (see: the last couple of posts) and they wouldn’t have “the Caro factor” (just made that up). 883 more words

There Goes Peter Cottontail

Who was the first to go?

The Tooth Fairy, that’s who, that little fetishist, sneaking into children’s bedrooms, trading money for teeth. I suppose the Tooth Fairy is the least definite of the fantasy commies who distribute goodies among the masses. 521 more words


“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”

~~~C.S. Lewis~~~

May I be humble as Christ was humble.  May I seek humility in the place of a prideful heart.  

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Favorite Quotes

Stories and Social Justice (a sandwich)

The short answer, for why I write on this blog is because it satisfies an itch.  I get tired of ugly things. Not to say that my blog is the most beautiful piece of writing ever to grace the interwebs. 618 more words

A Different Reality for Christians

A woman once wrote to C.S. Lewis in great distress. It appeared, she said, that England was

becoming a very pagan nation. She meant “pagan” not in the imprecise sense of “generally un-Christian” but specifically that the culture of Britain was reverting back to pre-Christian worldviews of spiritism, ritual and nature-worship. 962 more words