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Delightful minutes were spent scrolling down through Kenan Malik’s  FAITH IN RUINS. I wish you a few minutes, as well, to read and traipse down through the rest of his photos.


The quest for happiness

Do you want to be happy? It’s not a trick question. I’ll give you a hint. The answer begins with y and ends in e s. 1,070 more words

Blaise Pascal

Letters to a Pilgrim Pt 2

As we continue to see the correspondence of our friends, one seeking one discipling, we find our friend has safely arrived at the beginning of his journey. 502 more words

Writing is...


It has gotten me through the hard times, the good times, and everything in between.

I honestly believe that without writing I’d be less than who I am today. 169 more words

Chronicles Of Narnia

The Great Sin

If you’re human, then you’ve experienced what C.S. Lewis called “the great sin”: pride. Pride is unique among sins because it will not only blind us to our other faults, but we’re often completely unaware of it in ourselves and acutely aware of it in others. 690 more words

Book Reviews

Letters to a Pilgrim Pt. 1

I was recently reminded as to why I am seminary in the form of a paper I wrote for the CS Lewis class I took last fall. 533 more words