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Weingut Mehofer (Wagram) 2011 Zweigelt-Cabernet Sauvignon at Hotel Thiessmann

So before I get to tell things about my Milan trip I wanted to share something I have experienced just today. I visited friends who just moved to a new apartment in Mülheim. 162 more words

My first time attending the Weekly CS Meet-up event

Time strikes around 19:00 hours and I need to get hurry and catch up for the bus. Took the cab, and reached the station just on time as I saw the scheduled bus departing. 353 more words


Monday, April 21, 2014

Today I began my 30 day project. I worked on coding for 25 minutes, and it was fun. I will be interviewing the founders of… 39 more words


Couch Surfing 沙發浪客

老實說,第一次嘗試Couchsurfing (CS)以前,我的確是抱著一個希望尋找免費住宿的心態的。當然,能體會一下當地人生活的確也不錯,不過這是第二,經濟考慮還是第一。


第一次CS經驗,是在HOST很短缺的Amsterdam( 阿姆斯特丹)。雖然我們只逗留了短短兩晚,但因為這次經驗已經足夠改變我對CS的看法。幸運地,我的host是個很好的人。第一晚我們為他下廚做晚飯。雖然我們才剛剛認識,但氣氛還是不錯,說說笑笑。他會笑我的身高,問我是不是真的能看到鍋子裡的食物,說他可不想餓著肚子睡等等,感覺很輕鬆,隔膜很快就打破了。

短短的三晚裡我們一起在家看過了電影 (2046,結果我們都不喜歡)、也有到外面喝東西和走走,帶我們去看看夜景,陪我們去看看我們不敢自己去的紅燈區…雖說因為工作關係,我們的共處時間只有夜晚,不過這幾天跟他還是過得很愉快!


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The first post's always the hardest...

…Or so they say. For those of you who don’t quite know what to make of the title of this blog, no — it’s not going to be anything to do with “Adult Snake-Charming” (sorry). 541 more words


Mild Progress

So I did a fair bit of physics studying, at least more than I would normally. Probably should have done more, but I compensated by learning how to bake cookies. 164 more words

Daily Prompt Photo Challenge: On Top


In a post created specifically for this challenge, share a photo that means ‘On Top!’

Stringer and a very old friend of ours had climbed Sacré Coeur inside, and this was what he shot once out again. 42 more words