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Promoting your business using typography and layer styles

If you’re like me, you’re someone who appreciates art but can’t draw to save your life. Even your cursive looks like chicken scratch. Well fret no more my friends! 278 more words


Sharpen, mask, dodge, burn, heal

This week in VIC5325, we learned how to utilize more of Photoshop’s finest tools, such as masking, burning, dodging, healing…are you sure this isn’t a sport? 275 more words


Understanding of Photoshop

Photoshop is no doubt one of the most sought after pieces of software around the internet, but why?

Well because it can do almost anything really. 676 more words

Graphic Design

Personal Crap of Mine's blog banner!~

Yeah, I just did this for the heck of it xD The way I made it, though, makes me feel dizzy~


Trial logo - Adobe Illustrator CS6

Link to deviantArt: http://sanniiyon.deviantart.com/art/Trial-logo-481447209

Hi guys. So I’m trying out how to learn Adobe Illustrator (I’m planning to take up multimedia classes sometime with another friend) and I’ve finally tried working on a logo my parents had wanted me to do since before. 75 more words


Layering in Photoshop CS6

This week in VIC5325, or “Digital Imagery in Web Design”, my assignment was to create a sandwich on Photoshop using layers. Yes, a sandwich.

If you’re new to Photoshop like myself, you probably had the same reaction as Christian Bale. 159 more words