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A New Frontier for Education

Thankfully, we seem to have arrived at a critical turning point in the education system in Jamaica. We have finally realized the importance of technology and are beginning to explore practical ways of incorporating it in the classroom. 330 more words

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Well They Can't Spend ALL Their Time on Canadians . .

Canada Spies On Israel’s Enemies


After all, in the winter 90% of Canadians can be found at a hockey rink (eh?).

J/J to my Canadian friends out there.

Government Fury

HACIENDA: Five Eyes Program Port Scanning Entire Countries for IT Vulnerabilities

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Julian Kirsch/Christian Grothoff/Monika Ermert/Jacob Appelbaum/Laura Poitras/Henrik Moltke/Heise:

Since the early days of TCP, port scanning has been used by computer saboteurs to locate vulnerable systems. 1,568 more words


NSA/Israel Intelligence Relationship & Palestine Surveillance


Glenn Greenwald/TheIntercept:

The U.S. government has long lavished overwhelming aid on Israel, providing cash, weapons and surveillance technology that play a crucial role in Israel’s attacks on its neighbors. 818 more words