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Producing combinations, part three

All right, we have an immutable stack of Booleans and we wish to produce all such stacks of size n that have exactly k true elements. 634 more words


C# Hesap Makinesi Örneği

Hesap makinesi…

Programlama ile ilgilenen herkesin ekrana “Hello word”  yazdırmasının ardından yaptığı ve yapması da gereken yegane

uygulamalardan bir tanesi. 1,154 more words


Exception scheme

Exceptions, you either love them or hate them. And I don’t mean that in the “bug” sense, but rather as a programming concept.

Now before you pick up rocks to stone me for questioning the role of exceptions, keep in mind that WinAPI (the Microsoft Windows API itself) does not raise a single exception. 1,008 more words

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Producing combinations, part two

Last time we saw that producing all the subsequences of a given size k from a given sequence of size n is essentially the same problem as computing all the sequences of n Booleans where exactly k of them are true. 641 more words


Producing combinations, part one

I’ve done many articles over the years on different ways to manipulate sets and sequences in C#: The Cartesian product is when you have a sequence of sequences, say 414 more words


Custom Configuration Section Samples - CSharp

I think creating custom configuration section for a web.config or app.config file can be cumbersome.

I have created code samples for various custom configuration.
You can use it for inspiration if you need to create a custom configuration section. 147 more words


Decorator Pattern in C#

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“Decorator pattern attach additional functionalities or responsibilities to an existing object at the runtime”. It adds new behaviour to an individual object without affecting other objects of the same class. 106 more words