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Open Source Inspiration

I don’t know if posting the source code to a blog makes it open source but probably not. Anyway, I run this program, first thing, every morning to help keep me motivated. 478 more words


Where did the SystemTray vanish with #WinPRT #wpdev?

With Silverlight WP8 API, SystemTray is exposed in PhoneApplicationPage through Microsoft.Phone.Shell.

        <shell:ProgressIndicator />
SystemTray.BackgroundColor = Colors.Cyan;
SystemTray.ForegroundColor = Colors.White;
SystemTray.IsVisible = true;
SystemTray.Opacity = 0.8;
SystemTray.ProgressIndicator = new ProgressIndicator() { IsIndeterminate = true, IsVisible = true };
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Categories of Database ?

Data Definition Language

(DDL) statements are used to define the database structure. Some examples:
1 CREATE – To create objects in the database.
2 ALTER – Alters the structure of the database. 122 more words


What Are Events?

The 16th century Latin word for event is eventus which means ‘result or happen’. The dictionary defines an event as something that occurs in a certain place during a particular interval of time. 555 more words


How to Override Finalize method in C#

Being a .NET Developer, you must have basic information about Garbage Collector. Garbage Collector is a boon for .Net developers which takes care of memory management for .NET programs in the background. 317 more words


Thinking about the future, and some progress.

I recently read through a dispute in the JGO forum about whether learning to program everything yourself from scratch, like I am, or using third party tools is better. 342 more words

Jump Start - C#

C# Jump Start => Videos

Inicia rápidamente, comprende y afina tus habilidades como desarrollador en C# viendo esta set de videos.

Preparaci├│n para diplomado de Windows Phone. 48 more words

Microsoft Training And Learning