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Object Oriented, Test Driven Design in C# and Java: A Practical Example Part #1

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For a brief overview, please refer to this post.

At this point, many tutorials start by launching into a “Hello, World” style tutorial, with very little practical basis. 1,046 more words


Object Oriented, Test Driven Design in C# and Java


Providing performance-optimised frameworks is both a practical and theoretical compulsion. Thus far, my posts have covered my own bespoke frameworks designed to optimise performance or enhance security. 730 more words


Quick Post: List<int> Intersect Performance

I noticed an interesting performance difference earlier today, so I thought I’d throw together a quick post about it just in case it could be useful for anyone else. 406 more words


Finishing the AI.

Last night I wrote a quick program that sends my friend an email every night. It is uploaded on my git hub now. It was made within 20 minutes and I am pleased with it. 77 more words


Getting started with Asp.Net VNext in Ubuntu/Linux - Step by Step

Happy to find that the next version of Asp.Net will be officially supported by Microsoft on Linux and Macs :)

Thought of giving it a shot on Ubuntu Linux to see how it works.. 301 more words

Error 11007: Entity type is not mapped

While working with Entity Framework, I got this error.

I was generating the database from the model and it’s not working. In the error list there is no error but two warnings. 101 more words


JSON# – Tutorial #5: Deserialising Complex Objects

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The previous tutorial focused on deserialising simple JSON objects. This tutorial describes the process of deserialising a more complex object using… 630 more words