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Implicit dependencies and 'copy local' fails to copy

A common scenario with .NET Solutions is that you have a Project, lets call it Project X, that have dependencies to a library without explicitly using it from code. 188 more words


Scripting Root Motion

Hey, Warriors! It’s Adam here again, and today I’m going to show you how to set up a root motion animation system in your code… 1,227 more words


Base class of all inner classes (C#)

Generic base class that may be used to construct inner classes. Short of a property to access the outer instance it provides some code for proper debugger display (the class name is displayed in C# syntax and generics are properly resolved. 1,579 more words

Inner Class


You’ll often see a lot of people making variables public so that they show up in the inspector when you click on an object. You’ll also often see a lot of people making a variable public so they can have it in the inspector that really should¬† 331 more words


C# List.Sort() using a lambda expression

I have come across this issue a couple of times now and have sometimes ended up using the List.OrderBy() method instead of the List.Sort() method. 28 more words


Using DiskPart with C#

I’m in the process of writing a little utility for our technicians to create a bootable USB device from an ISO. This will be primarily used with our SCCM OSD Media, DaRT media, and will probably find several other uses in time. 497 more words