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Console Application: Managing a bank account

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We’ve seen quite a few things in the last few days. Now, it’s time to put all the fundamentals to good use. Today, we’ll create a console application in which a user can access the menu of its bank account.   895 more words


Programming basics : Methods

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We’ve gone through a lot of the core fundamentals of programming with C#. We’ve seen how to evaluate conditions in our program flow and different ways to repeat a block of code with the help of loops. 834 more words


Unblocking files downloaded from the Internet

So, these days Windows thinks it should block files you downloaded from the internet form executing because you know – they can be harm your computer…except, it really doesn’t stop the nasty stuff from doing their thing and the files you knowingly download – they get the beauty treatment (UAC anyone?). 195 more words


Programming basics: what are strings ?

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When we first talk about, it was mentioned that the String data type were to be discussed in a later post. So what exactly are String ? 775 more words


WinRT and application view wide Pointer event monitoring #wpdev #windev

It seems like every year I go through same technical difficulties. Last year I blogged about WinRT and pointer manipulation #win8dev #winrtdev

One of the underlying classes detects manipulation by user by means of Touch class. 144 more words


When is an identifier not an identifier? (Attack of the Mongolian Vowel Separator)

Here’s a few things you may not be aware of:

  • C# identifiers can include Unicode escape sequences (\u1234 etc)
  • C# identifiers can include Unicode characters in the category “Other, formatting” (Cf) but these are ignored when comparing identifiers for equality…
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