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Children of the Quorn

I found this post by CSPI (the Centre for Science in the Public Interest) calling for the ban of Quorn products in the US a little puzzling. 215 more words

One Taco, Hold The Commercials


Tell me if these statistics sound familiar: One-third of the children are overweight; the whole population is battling Type 2 diabetes; taxes imposed on sugary drinks and snacks. 455 more words

The Vegan Husband

Food Industry Initiative Highlights How Little The FDA Knows About What's In Our Food

For decades, the food industry has been able to use ingredients that are “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) without approval from the FDA. When first used in the ’50s, this was intended to apply to ingredients, like vegetable oils and vinegars, where an additive’s safety is common knowledge, but in 1997, a backlogged FDA allowed food companies to merely submit their GRAS findings instead of the supporting data, creating a loophole the food industry has exploited to include a vast number of chemical ingredients that manufacturers claim are safe but which don’t go through a rigorous approval process. 393 more words

PHOTOS: See the most unhealthy dishes served at popular restaurants

NEW YORK (PIX11) — See the most fattening, unhealthy dishes served around the country at popular restaurants.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest compiles a list of the highest calorie entrees in popular restaurants around the US every year. 55 more words


Presenting The 9 Most Calorie-Filled Chain Restaurant Meals Of 2014!

To some, the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s annual Xtreme Eating awards are a reminder of how some restaurant meals can pack thousands of calories, oodles of saturated fat, and piles of sodium on a single plate. 1,235 more words

Why the FDA is warning parents about powdered caffeine

WATCH ABOVE: Dr. Samir Gupta discusses five significant health effects of caffeine. 

TORONTO — A single teaspoon is allegedly the equivalent of 25 cups of coffee. 699 more words