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There are a couple of days left not only to grab some gorgeous clothing but also to enjoy the weekends entertainment they have planned at Penumbra Fashion Week.  137 more words


Getting to Know St. John Baptist De La Salle - A Reflection

St. John Baptist De La Salle, the patron saint of teachers and the patron of this university – these essentially sum up what I know about this man, if I am to be completely honest about it.  1,213 more words


Aztech CSR Project - Donation of Jade Mooncakes to Charity Organizations

Hi all,

As part of Aztech Group’s CSR efforts, we have donated 80 boxes of our Jaded Mooncakes to the following charity organisations to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. 29 more words


Analyst, Diplomat, Sentinel or Explorer?

Corporate Social Responsibility is an ethical concept, and its definition across the globe can vary widely – as detailed in our previous Defining the importance of CSR… 595 more words

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Union of Culture, Arts, and CSR

The Philippines has an interesting portfolio of how society have merged culture with arts. Through the years, the tales of political, religious, and everyday life are documented using a creative palette. 432 more words


Article on FastCoExist by Ben Schiller, "A Startup Offers A Sustainable Alternative To India's Chaotic Garbage"

A beautiful marriage of business and philanthropy – Sampurn(e)arth is bringing together the community and corporate world together, in a very tangible way through social responsibility. 61 more words

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Paying For Customer Service

For 20+ years I have worked in Customer Service in some way. Tech Support, Customer Support, Program Manager and now business owner . If there is one thing I have learned it is people are willing to pay higher prices for goods and services based on customer service. 240 more words