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CSS Day 5 - "Beautiful Song"

This song isn’t a constant listen anymore, but as the first I heard of CSS, it’s certainly a nostalgic one. This is the song that actually got me to explore music. 28 more words


CSS Vocabulary

What’s a block and what’s a selector? This page by Ville Vanninen will help you learn the basic terms of CSS and understand the vocabulary visually.

Check it out



A great library for creating beautiful shadow effects with dynamic light source positions.

Check it out

Apps / Tools

CSS Day 3 - "Fuck Off is Not the Only Thing You Have to Show"

So, I’m not gonna fill in the blank for the days I missed. We’re just at that point, my friends. My blog has to be submitted next Monday for final review. 22 more words


First steps whit Sass and Compass

So, you heard about Sass, Compass, or both. Great! Now what?

In this tutorial i’ll take you through the first steps of getting started with Sass and Compass. 547 more words


CSS Day 2 - "Music is My Hot Hot Sex"

Arguably one of the biggest pieces of exposure for the band, this song was used in an early commercial for the iPod Touch. The song shot up on Billboard afterwards.