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How to automatically add pdf icon to pdf links

Adding a pdf icon to the PDF link can be easily done by  CSS.  Using the css you can only add the pdf icon to the pdf links. 42 more words


CSS Opacity for All Browsers

CSS has opacity property which is supported by almost every modern browsers. But it in Internet Explorer only IE 9 and above versions supports opacity property. 68 more words


Various Browser CSS Hacks

IF you are a designer , it is always tough to develop a design that works in all the major browsers like chrome, mozilla, opera, safari, IE etc. 119 more words


Web Design Project: Winning Design 1st Month

A little while ago, I challenged myself to create some web designs as part of my self-studies into web development. I’m almost 3 months in and have come up with 3 designs: 478 more words


Web Design Project #3: Hangouts

What:  Hangouts web page design

Date:  16 March 2014


Home / Landing Page

And so how do you go from this page to the Post or About pages? 308 more words


How to Make a Sticky Footer

You can make the footer stick to the bottom no matter how big the screen resolution is. All you have to do is just follow the HTML mark up as shown in the code snippet.   101 more words


Web Design Project #2: Glitch!

What:  Glitch web page design

Date:  7 March 2014


Listened to this while creating this:  The Mars Volta (Wax Simulacra), At the Drive-In (Album=”Relationship of Command”). 275 more words