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Postupak izrade i funkcionisanje jednog kvalitetnog i uspešnog sajta.

Najpopularniji Internet servis je World Wide Web (WWW). Nastao je 1989. godine kao rezultat ideje Tim Berners Li-a i njegovih saradnika u okviru Centra za nuklearna istraživanja u Švajcarskoj (CERN). 460 more words


@gSchool Week 7

Throughout the week, our class worked on utilizing the skeleton of an application to bootstrap a Postgres backed Sinatra application. In other words, we were given the bare workings of a web application and expanded it to include database functionality for registering and logging in users. 164 more words

Computer Programming


Grabs the dominant color or a representative color palette from an image. Uses javascript and canvas.




Loading is a collection of slick SVG loading indicators.




Simple, responsive type & layout

BASSCSS is a lightweight collection of base styles and simple type and layout utilities designed for speed, performance, and scalability. Use it out of the box for simple sites and prototypes or as the base for a larger SASS project. 21 more words


Illustration fun!

Diving in

I starting composing my first Little Red Riding Hood illustration. I realized after getting quite far into making it that I should have storyboarded out all the scenes first before diving in. 293 more words

Personal Work

How to prevent div resizing and wrapping content, aka how to make your divs "shrink-wrap" contents

If you have a div that you want to “shrink-wrap” to its contents (which can be other divs), one way is this: