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Style placeholder

I have learned so many useless tricks about CSS, like this one.

You have to use different rules to style placeholder, otherwise, they will be ignored. 33 more words

List Select - Alternating Row Colors

A while back on Symantec Connect, michael.george wrote about his preference of the ListSelect component over the Grid component (with which I wholeheartedly agree). ¬†With some effort and practice, the… 931 more words

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CSS space symbol in selector

Hi all,

For a long time I could not remember what is the difference between div.style (no spaces) and div .style (space before dot) in CSS. 64 more words


Cascading Style Sheet

This past week we talked about Cascading Style Sheets. Breaking this title down makes it easier to understand exactly what they are. Style refers to the presentation of a webpage. 132 more words


5 Ways to Become Better With CSS

Sure, anyone can write CSS. Even programs are doing it for you now. But is the CSS any good? Here are 5 tips to start improving yours. 881 more words


Quick Guides for CSS

No matter how experienced a web designer is, it can be difficult to juggle all the concepts, rules, and tricks CSS has. Luckily there are lists out there for CSS coders to use as reference for web design. 204 more words