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Day 11

Today is Australia Day! The weather is making it feel more like England Day (loving the cold weather) but either way we have the day off. 224 more words


End of week 2

So week 2 is finished now, I can see all of this going very quickly! This week has gone so fast and we’ve covered so much. 366 more words


Day 9

Today was largely centred around CSS positioning (intended) and embedded Ruby code in Sinatra. We spent a lot of time discussing the position and display properties and going through relevant examples. 226 more words


Day 8

We started off our day by talking about graceful degradation and progressive enhancement. These concepts (the basics of which can be found here) seem very logical and even obvious once highlighted, but it hadn’t really crossed my mind how many people, for instance, fail to see the benefits of using modern browsers. 260 more words


Day 7

So far we’ve covered the majority of the topics that were in our 50 hrs worth of prework. While the prework only touched on some subjects, we have gone through them a lot more thoroughly in class and built on the basic foundation that it provided. 191 more words


Day 3: CSS positioning, Grids, UX, what's new in HTML

Today should have been a day of relaxing. Like most peoples’ Saturdays are.

Instead I dug deeper into HTML and CSS, and, while slightly more knowledgeable from the experience. 425 more words


Foray into jQuery, a project for work

So my status as a JavaScript developer is easily still beginner status, despite how much banging my head against the wall to get to where I’m at now. 586 more words

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