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Write CSS3 without Worrying about Prefixes

Using CSS3 properties can give your websites a huge boost in appeal and interactivity. 3D transformations, keyframe animations, background gradients, and columns are great tools, but they require extra work on the developer’s part. 193 more words

What’s New in Chrome 39

Updated: Despite being six years old, Chrome is rapidly approaching middle age in version numbers. Chrome 39 has been released and you probably have it installed. 240 more words

Cool Social Buttons jQuery Plugin

Today we are releasing a cool new jQuery plugin that adds social sharing buttons to your site without slowing it down. It is easy to use, powered by CSS3, mobile friendly and fully customizable.

Here Is The Easiest Way To Create Equal Height Sidebars

This is a quick example on how to achieve the common (and surprisingly difficult) equal height sidebar layout with the new flexbox display mode and a few lines of CSS.

12 Fun Sharing Button Effects

A collection of smooth animated effects for revealing social sharing buttons, which you can use to enhance your galleries and portfolios.

CSS3- Styling boxes

In my CSS3 journey so far, I have learned how to style the boxes that contain web page content. This area covers Recognizing content boxes, Changing display formats, Sizing the content area, Controlling borders, Adding padding, Setting margins, Painting colors, Repeating backgrounds and Positioning backgrounds.


CSS3- Selecting targets

In my CSS3 journey so far, I have learned the different ways in which HTML elements can be selected for styling in CSS. This area covers Selecting by element type, Selecting by class, Selecting by identity, Selecting descendants, Selecting by relationship, Selecting by attribute, Selecting partial attributes and Evaluating importance,