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Video: Pure CSS Dropdown Navigation Bar

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Have a little fun building this dropdown navigation bar at the top of your website with no JavaScript, just CSS. Includes styling the main nav bar, sub navigation, CSS3 transitions, and closing the sub nav by clicking elsewhere.


selectivizr-CSS3 selectors for IE

selectivizr is a JavaScript utility that emulates CSS3 pseudo-classes and attribute selectors in Internet Explorer 6-8. Simply include the script in your pages and selectivizr will do the rest.

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Responsive Design Fundamentals- Introducing Responsive Design

Now I have moved on to studying and gain knowledge around responsive design, so that I can become a better developer when I am creating responsive sites. 42 more words


¿cómo hacer para ganar dinero aprendiendo un lenguaje de programación?

Quizás el titulo de éste artículo es algo confuso. No se trata de conseguir dinero aprendiendo un lenguaje de programación sino cuál de ellos puede ser más interesante a la hora de conseguir trabajo o de trabajar por cuenta propia. 293 more words


Embed custom web fonts with CSS

■ Theory

The theory is well-known: When you have a corporate font that you *HAVE TO* use on the publicly available parts of your web, then you can include the font the same way as you do include images: Just put the files somwhere in your web application. 452 more words


How to make a ribbon rosette using CSS3 only

CSS3 allows you to make rather complex figures without having to rely on images, SVG, or web fonts. Here I demonstrate how to create a  750 more words