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The great thing about learning how to code today is that there are more than enough books, wikis (including our own), blogs, and websites that can help you no matter what skill level you start at.   239 more words

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Exploring CSS3

CSS3 is the latest standard for CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).  CSS tells your web browser how the content should be displayed.  CSS3 has the features of previous versions, plus some.   278 more words

Git 221 - Web Graphics Software


This example shows a nice way to display a full image with a title at the bottom and a description hidden until the user hovers over the picture. 325 more words



You may notice menus made up of images without any text is becoming more popular these days. Personally, I am a big fan of this type of menu but one big problem is raised when they are implemented… how does the user know what they are clicking on? 135 more words


Exploring CSS3

Every couple of years, someone looks at Cascading style sheets  and says “this is cool, but wouldn’t it be cooler if…”.

One of those cooler things to come from that thought process is CSS3. 313 more words


Good and Bad Web Animation

The web site of Pro Foods,  http://www.pro-foods.com , does an excellent job of promoting their product using animation.  Their drink is big, upfront and center.  When the mouse moves right or left over the page, the bottle, splashes of water and fruit move with a 3D effect. 249 more words

Advantages of HTML 5 & CSS 3

  • The first benefit you get is that the readable codes are semantically accurate. When a web design is not semantically accurate, it cannot attain a good rank.

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