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Using Python I Solve A Group's Shared Bank Account Confusion

Here’s a visual representation of what happened, code to come soon.


Import multi-select attribute values in Magento by CSV

Now we are going to know how to import products which attribute set have Multi-select attribute.Most of you know how to do it! Its only for guide newbie! 42 more words


Hyper-v 2012 - NIC changes from External to Internal, unable to change back - FIX

Recently ran into a issue where within Hyper-V Manager under the vswitch settings for a specific hyper-v node the NIC had changed to “INTERNAL” and it would not let me change it back to EXTERNAL. 200 more words

Hyper-V 2012

Exporting to CSV file using Ruby on Rails 3

In this blog I’ll show you how to export web application data to CSV file from Rails application by using only 4┬ásimple steps.

Here we’ll use CSV library, which comes with Ruby 1.9. 405 more words


HP BSM / HP BAC Business Process Monitor maintenance automation with powershell

For those of You that work with application performance monitoring or synthetic user experience monitoring the name of HP Business Availability Center (BAC – formerly known as Mercury Topaz) or HP Business Service Management (BSM – as it is called nowadays), might sound somewhat familiar. 2,182 more words


Custom format in the Play Framework templating engine example

I have been looking into the Play Framework to do rapid development of web-services. The clean MVC separation and a simple templating system is very attractive to be able to focus on just what is needed, instead of spending a lot of time writing glue code and juggling concepts that should be in the framework. 806 more words


Import CSV into Python using Pandas

One of the features I like about R is when you read in a CSV file into a data frame you can access columns using names from the header file. 120 more words