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the original power// at noon

It’s Aoba and Ren- in fact, the artist that draws the series they’re from drew my current wallpaper.

I’m into week 7 on of writing my column… 380 more words


beast shock// E.X.P.L.O.D.E.

Did a little bit of reading after seeing Edge of Tomorrow.

Not much this week, been really busy organizing things for the anime club, and prepping things for applications. 54 more words


in resonance// portable fear

Graphic for last week’s Mini Otaku Box column, kinda sloppy.
Kid~ This style is very much “I traveled backwards 4 years.”

Club That Really Likes Anime voting poster! 22 more words


rocket road// the launch roar

I think into the third drawing, I had enough data to clone stamp everything. >_>


which way up// at gotham's feet

I started writing for Imprint as a┬ácolumnist. I didn’t know what to name my column, and any ideas I came up with already exist as anime blogs. 398 more words


Ctrl: A 2x20

So this episode confirmed that Hanna and Caleb’s first time was November 5th which has helped establish some timeline. That was in the second half of season 1 – which leads us to believe it is now late winter/early spring? 244 more words