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Canadian News Unreliable for Info


The Malaysians have expressed gratitude for the access they received today, they were quite happy with it. In fact they said they felt quite protected. 249 more words

Welcome to China Amazing Race Canada

Okay, here we go. We’re doing things a bit different today. Gord and I have been invited out for beers tonight so we decided to watch the Time-shift at 6 pm MST and blog together at my house. 2,155 more words

TV Recaps

Canadian TV Ratings: July 7-July 13, 2014

This week had the debut of two blockbusters, the second season of The Amazing Race Canada and the newbie Extant. Both pulled in huge numbers: The Amazing Race Canada drew 2,764,000, while 2,340,000 tuned into Extant. 604 more words



Hey Guys, Here is a TV segment i recently did on Friday July 18th at 8:15am where I showed an easy and effective FULL BODY SUMMER WORKOUT for all fitness levels… 8 more words

Tuesday- Exercise

CNN has EVIDENCE MH 17. Really?

Taking it from the top. Google maps. The MH 17 crash site is pegged at the top. Snizhne is on the right. Kiev BUKs down on the left. 133 more words

Recent FAKES by the West. "Untarnished Credibility"

State Dept Jen Psaki, BBC, and NY-TIMES caught, faking “proof” that Russians were in Ukraine.


Ambassador Pyatt caught endorsing a fake Neo-Nazi registry form directed at Ukrainian jews. 51 more words

OSCE: Fairly Good Access

Obama : the Russian backed separatist who control the area continue to block the investigation

OSCE: We had fairly good access.

Sit down Obama. Not even the OSCE backs up your claims. 66 more words